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Title: Essentials for Drug Development and Clinical Trials
Author: Mohammad Gayoor Khan
Published by: Evincepub Publishing
Reviewed by: Akhila Saroha
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As times have progressed, human civilization has also developed by leaps and bounds. Technology and medicine have also improved at their own speeds in this time. They have revolutionized not just the quality of human lives but also their expectancy. Yet, human nature is such that one keeps trying to improve themselves or the existing systems and make the world a better place than earlier. One marvel of research is “Essentials for Drug Development and Clinical Trials,” which is more of a joint effort by Mohammad Gayoor Khan, Dr. Umama Yezdani, Dr. Hani Alothaid, and Hari Baskar Balasubramanian. The first edition of the book is an effort by the team of authors to spread awareness among readers beyond the medical field and learn about drugs and their making.

The field of medicine may have evolved and revolutionized medical science. Still, there is always a scope of improvement, and with the help of trials and experiments, more drugs are developed to make human lives comfortable and more prolonged. “Essentials for Drug Development and Clinical Trials,” which is divided into 14 chapters with an additional preface, tries to clear every possible question a reader could have to the best of their discretion. The book begins with an introduction to the process of drug development. It walks the readers through the mechanics of it, the step by step development. There is the usage of different forms of illustrations like tables, pointers, diagrammatic representation, etc. wherever there was a need. This helps the readers in getting clarity on the ideas and concepts the authors intend to convey. The readers understand everything in a concrete manner and do not forget the concepts in the future.

Author Gayoor Khan
Reviewer: Akhila Saroha

The former part of the book deals with the different approaches taken for their discovery. The later part explored the clinical development of drugs, the different phases of their trial, the ethical guidelines in research, how the situation is in India and overseas, management of data, the roles and responsibilities associated with the clinical personnel, safety monitoring, etc. In a nutshell, “Essentials for Drug Development and Clinical Trials” is a comprehensive guide for not just those who are aware about drugs and their development but also the people who do not have even the basic idea about it.

The chapters have been written in collaboration with the team of contributors. All this together makes the book a product of highly knowledgeable minds and people who are experts in their fields. The list of references highlights how well researched the work is and how well-read the authors are. The cover of the book also does the job of attracting the readers to it and making them want to pick the book up and at least skim through the elaborately mentioned contents.

The editors take care of using a language that is easy for the understanding of the readers. Their conceptual base is cleared in the first reading of “Essentials for Drug Development and Clinical Trials” without any confusion. The massive team of contributors and young editors have kept the book sharp, clear, and to the point. They have made all efforts to make the book error-free and updated with the latest developments. Considering the book only from the point of view of the academic field would not complete justice to it. Students of the medical fraternity and the practicing medical personnel can also read this book for enhancement and enrichment of their already existing knowledge and, if nothing else, to update it. All these factors make the book a recommended reading for everyone as today’s world is all about developments and the awareness of those developments.

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