Classes Internationales: An Exclusive Doorway for Indian Students to Pursue Higher Education in French

During his State visit to India, French President Emmanuel Macron revealed the start of Classes Internationales, a ground-breaking initiative designed for Indian students who wish to pursue higher education in France. This was a momentous occasion.

The Classes Internationales initiative, signed by President Macron and Prime Minister Modi, aims to help Indian high school graduates immerse themselves in French language and academic methodologies at prestigious French universities before pursuing their chosen degree paths.

President Macron met with representatives of the French departments at Jawaharlal Nehru University and Delhi University, Indian students connected to Alliance Française de Jaipur, and former students who had returned from France after finishing their education during his visit to Amber Fort. Macron reaffirmed France’s commitment to increasing chances for Indian students, pointing to programs such as Classes Internationales, the granting of alumni 5-year Schengen permits for short stays, and the fact that India is the country that receives the greatest number of French academic grants. By 2030, he would like to see 30,000 Indian students studying in France, and he would be really happy if this ambition were accomplished.

The Classes Internationales program’s inclusiveness, which admits students with any degree of French language ability on the basis of academic performance alone, is one of its salient aspects. Access to a wide range of topics provided by prestigious French universities, grandes écoles, and specialized schools is made possible by the program. By participating in classroom activities with their peers, participants gain from immersion in French language and culture. Additionally, the academic focus of the program guarantees that language lessons are customized to students’ selected fields of study, with preparatory training added in.

The French Embassy in India offers scholarships to deserving students to help them pursue their studies in France, confirming that India is the country that receives the most French scholarships.

Interested candidates may apply online at until March 31, 2024, when applications for the Classes Internationales program close.

This project promises a bright future for Indian students hoping to expand their horizons through international education and represents a significant step towards strengthening academic collaboration and cultural interchange between France and India.

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