Challenges Faced By Humankind In 2020 And 2021

Challenges Faced By Humankind In 2020 And 2021

June 15, 2021 0 By The Literature Today

There is no denying regarding the fact that year 2020 was an unpredictable experience for all of us. World experienced it’s worst enemy in many years, i.e. the corona virus. It was like a roller coaster ride, which we will never dream of getting ourselves placed again.

We all suffered a lot and fortunately most of us survived too and instead of thanking the almighty, we took our lives for granted. By the end of 2020, we started roaming around on the streets without facemasks as if nothing has ever happened and forgotten the use of sanitizers too. We went for shopping, we freely ate at restaurants, we started to party and we did everything we shouldn’t have done after the pandemic.

In addition to all these blunders of the humankind, we created a pathetic situation where we have to buy few hours of oxygen at such a high cost. We ourselves pushed us into the mass spread of the pandemic in 2021, after 2020.

2021 proved to be even worse, not just because of the virus, but because of the virus, which we created within us and among ourselves. The world has started suffering again and this time the scenario is ever worse. Despite knowing the consequences of the corona virus, we took it lightly. In this second wave of the virus, our country remained at the second position among the worst hit countries after USA. Corona virus cases are tremendously increasing day by day from the month of April in 2021. Each time, when we called a friend or a relative, we only got the unfortunate news of a new corona positive patient in our circle.

Not only hospital beds but cremation lands too got full. It’s deeply saddening that deaths are also increasing with each passing day. We are losing are closed ones, our hopes, lives and in a way we are losing our everything!

Let’s just recall the time when there was no corona virus in this world, were we happy at that time? Were we able to enjoy our lives? Did we care to respect what we had then? Most of us would agree that we were rushing and not living, as a child we worked for good marks, as teenager we lived under the peer pressure, as an adult we faced career crises and parents we had financial responsibilities and eventually our deathbeds were full of regrets.

Human race is suffering since decades now, and it is all because of the lifestyle, which we only had created for ourselves. Adapting a culture entirely different from our own and thinking it to be cool, not believing in the power of the almighty, not respecting other creatures, going against the rule of nature. All of this gradually lead to the situation that we are presently facing!

Along with the term corona positive, the year 2020 emerged as a positive year for humans in terms of the positivity that we witnessed in nature. The sky shinned like a pure diamond, trees laughed every evening while the cold wind blows. Animals and birds moved to the streets leaving their cages.

In a way, it was as if the humans got locked down, while every other creatures were set free and this resulted in a new world. A world full of peace. But as and when we got little freedom from the lockdown and once again we became careless.

Ironically, we removed our mask in 2020 to take fresh air and now in 2021 we are suffering due to the extreme shortage of the oxygen and it’s us who is responsible for this, rather than blaming others!

Well, going through all these traumatic experiences, I really can’t say, which year was more challenging for the humankind, 2020 or 2021. I hope that the coming time would be gracious and healing for all of us!

Written By SHREYA SHARMA – Author of the Book, INDIAN DEFENCE FILES (2021).

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