25, Feb, 2021
Religiously Stupid!: Gods of Shadow | Book Review | The Literature Today


“Hinduism is not a scientific religion Hinduism is a religion of Science.” “Dincharya” means the science of daily routine, the science of order in life. And this forms the focus of the marvellous piece written by Kshitij Dabhade. The purpose of the book, Dincharya  is to take its readers back […]

Choosing an experienced editor for your book might be your toughest job if you are planning to publish your book. Why a perfectly well-edited book is so much important? The editor cannot be your friend or relative, you need to hire an editor in a professional way. You come across […]

Best Ghostwriting Services in India | What is Ghostwriting and how it works Ghostwriting is a term that is used when a writer (ghostwriter) writes a book having no credit and the credit is taken by the person who pays for writing to the ghostwriter. The author hires a writer […]