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The present time is where there has been a quick and remarkable improvement in technology. As a result, the technology users have become more evolved and aware of the changes in technology and demand better and better every day. This has led to the companies, and organizations in this field to become more competitive and work with more zeal and resilience to provide the best of the best to the consumers. But amidst all this, there are flaws and problems which Ankit Khemka talks about in his book, “Cacophony to Symphony: Proven Guide to Transform Your Software Product Development from Chaos to Order”.

The author makes an interesting play of words in choosing the title which does not give the slightest clue or idea about what the book is going to talk about. But the subtitle gives a fair idea of the book being a guide to better software product development and making sure that everything remains fine and intact throughout the process.

The author gives a preface and an introduction to the book where he explains his idea of writing the book and the circumstances which made him resort to his pen. He clearly states that he intends to keep the book as a guide to readers to help the fellow people in his field and guide them through based on his experience and learning over the years.

Ankit begins “Cacophony to Symphony” by an introduction wherein he presents a properly analyzed data in front of the readers. This presentation of data adds weight to the venture that he is to take up in the coming pages. Thereafter, he goes to the root of the problem in a scientific manner. He makes the readers inquisitive by asking them a series of questions in between the text which also makes them wonder and question things while answering him at the same time. Thereafter, he begins to enrich the knowledge of the reader regarding how cacophony can be avoided and how things can be run smoothly. He gives various ideas to understand the dynamics in the current scenario, what is it that the customers really want, time to time brainstorming sessions, decision-making, and the things to keep in mind when deciding, and last but not the least, the importance of communication. In this manner, the author covers a variety of aspects and trying his best to cater to whatever needs may come in the working of anyone.

Experience gives birth to wisdom, and the author exercises his wisdom in “Cacophony to Symphony” to explain his ideas based on the probable situations and circumstances he could think of. The creation of such situations and incorporating them into the space of the book makes “Cacophony to Symphony” more of a practical experience for the readers instead of being a mere theoretical set of thoughts and ideas. Even by reading, the readers can understand situations like they are being explained to them in person and sometimes it sounds like attending a class, and learning things from a teacher. At times, he takes up explaining things in a step by step form in “Cacophony to Symphony” so when the readers begin to apply the techniques and ideas, it becomes easier for them to remember.

Ankit keeps the content focused and to the point. He talks about the question he raises without beating about the bush. The focused nature of “Cacophony to Symphony” also gives a clue to the clarity of thoughts in the mind of the author. At the same time, he also explains his matters in a concrete form which makes it convenient for the readers to understand things.

The author opts for an easy and fine written language to make sure the book becomes a friendly and comfortable read and language does not become a barrier in restricting anyone’s learning through this guide. He also keeps the address in the first person directly to the reader which makes sure that the reader gets involved on a personal level. It also makes sure that the reader begins to respond to the situations created by Ankit and also responds to the questions he raises here and there in “Cacophony to Symphony”.

All the readers who are involved in the field of software development and the students of the same subject should definitely read “Cacophony to Symphony” for a better understanding of the ideas. Since the book is a first-person account from a person who has been in the field for a good time and has paid attention to understand the intricacies, and technicalities involved as the years have rolled by, this book becomes a treasure to be kept for learning, and a guide who would be there for help and support from time to time.

Title: Cacophony to Symphony
Author: Ankit Khemka
Published By: Evincepub Publishing
Pages: 204
Reviewed By: Akhila Saroha

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