Book Review |WHY- Reason for Every Action |Abdul Ghaffar – The Literature Today

Book Review |WHY- Reason for Every Action |Abdul Ghaffar – The Literature Today

May 4, 2021 0 By The Literature Today

The inquisitiveness and curiosity in a human are the key factors that can persuade a person to push boundaries and stretch limits to unimaginable extents. History is replete with such examples which justify and support this statement. Curiosity is the main reason behind the growth and progress of humans and the scientific and technological boom, which is helping humans reap benefits no one could have predicted a few decades back. In his ground-breaking work, “WHY- Reason for Every Action: Start your Day with Why,” Abdul Ghaffar takes a step ahead and harps on not just nurturing this curiosity but also extending it to the best use it can have in life. Science teaches a person to question things with the essential question of why and “WHY” is a supplement to this idea. It helps the readers understand how they can use this one question to ensure their win at various stages of life.

The unconventional manner in which the title is written on a simple cover clearly indicates that the book is not an ordinary one, and reading it would undoubtedly have a substantial effect on the readers. As they open the book, this thought is reinforced, and it becomes more evident. In the preface, Ghaffar does not directly declare his book as any sort of motivational book. Instead, he intends to unveil a scientific approach to make the readers understand how important the question of “why” is. Thereafter, the readers understand the gravity of this one member of the Why family and also can anticipate how important it is going to be to understand the significance of this one small word to make big differences.

In the 8 chapters, in addition to a preface and conclusion, the author lays down the different aspects surrounding the word “why” and the various factors that would be the difference makers in a person’s life. As the readers begin with the first chapter, they begin to understand how a human brain works and how the thought process operates, and also how these things together prompt a person to take action. Opting this scientific approach makes “WHY” sound more convincing and appeals more closely to the readers. 

Parallel to this, the author also shares many techniques which help a person to revolutionize their lives at a personal level and bring tremendous changes in their attitude towards things and also the way they perform even simple actions. In this time when many people in the world are undergoing a depressive phase, this book can serve the role of both a motivator and a guide to a better tomorrow. The unique approach to see things is what makes the book an instant favorite of the readers. The other factors that would bring the book close to the readers are the manner in which the author presents his ideas. He opts for the method of featuring less theory and more of a practical approach. For this, he does not refrain from using diagrammatic representations or the points form or any other method which he deemed fit to reach the readers as effortlessly as possible. He uses fewer words and resorts to using examples from the earlier times where this one question of “why” made huge differences. In support of his central idea, he also uses quotes at the beginning of the chapters. This reinforces his thoughts in the minds of the readers and ensures they are determined to begin their days with this one question. At the same time, to grasp what the author harps on, the readers need to go through “WHY” to have a profound understanding of his ideas. For that, they may keep the book on their bedside and read it time and again to gain a better and solidified awareness of the ideas, which would be instrumental in shaping their lives to a better version of what they are in the present. 

Although this book is non-fictional in terms of content, yet it is suggested to all those who want to make a difference in their lives and believe in self-improvement through reading and learning. Many readers would find ideas that they could implement in their lives which are all born of this simple word, “why.” Since the book is a product of Ghaffar’s experience, it becomes more of a treasure for all readers, whether young or old, as it is never too late to make a difference and change for the better. In this world which is fiercely competitive, having books like “WHY” would be an unspoken blessing, and the benefits reading it would fetch can even not be predicted. Therefore, every reader should for once think about why they should read “WHY” and, after reading, suggest their friends and family as to why they should also read “WHY.”

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REVIEWED BY: Aashi Vats  at The Literature Today

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