Book Review | What is Present Reality by VIPIN GUPTA | The Literature Today

Book Review | What is Present Reality by VIPIN GUPTA | The Literature Today

February 22, 2021 0 By The Literature Today

Reality Is a topic of conversation since the ancient times of Plato as he believed in the present world being an imitation of reality. Various philosophers have given their own perspectives on what reality is and their respective definitions of it. After his earlier work, Vipin Gupta, “What is Divine Energy,” comes with a new researched and pondered over book in “What is Present Reality: In a Nutshell.” It is interesting to notice how he may have tried to keep the work in a nutshell and the content crisp and short, yet due to the depth of the subject matter, the book is in detail for every reader.

The cover of the book is simple and has a picture of the human brain with many rays going in different directions. This is clearly suggestive of the various dimensions the book is going to explore by remaining within the limits of practicality. Gupta begins the book with a simple thought of explaining the circumstances, and situations that have gone into the making of “What is Present Reality” and later goes on to further elaborate on the title subject. He mentions what the book is going to be about in the introduction,

“This second book, What is present reality, challenges the classical determinism, neoclassical thermodynamism, modern probabilistic relativism, as well as post-modern quantum indeterminism notions of knowing the present reality. It examines the diverse doctrines for the paradigmatic planning of the future reality.”

Gupta, through his experience and expertise, talks about the different subjects in question and discusses elaborately while keeping the content focused and straightforward at the same time. In the preface, he talks about the various dimensions of reality and how they are different from each other. Through his scientific approach and pragmatic style of writing, Gupta tries to make revelations to readers which would otherwise escape their observation. 

Dividing the book into 18 chapters with 5-10 sub-topics in each chapter, Gupta’s work spreads to more than 300 pages. The book is thought-provoking, it will make the reader wonder over various factors and the manner in which everyone has been seeing and perceiving things so far. It can be considered revolutionary in its ways, provided that the readers have a thorough understanding of his content, for which they would have to come back to reading the book again and again.

“What is Present Reality” is comparatively different from “What is Divine Energy” in terms of subject content. The author gives the details of his first work in the introduction to the second book when he says,

“The first book, What is divine energy, introduced the essential vocabulary for knowing life’s truth and illuminated its homologous constructs and analogies, both from the diverse disciplines of modern science and India’s ancient wisdom dispersed across numerous manuscripts.”

Readers who are interested in working a book that has subject content unique and talks about the less explored subjects and yet have been the foundational topics of human civilization should go through Gupta’s works. In addition to “What is Divine Energy” and “What is Present Reality,” he has written other works which include, “Is present reality,” “Is divine energy,” “What is consciousness,” “What is para-consciousness,” “What is self-awareness,” “What is human factor,” “What is trading factor,” “What is cultural factor,” “What is exchange factor” and “What is technological growth.” However, reading the books in their chronological sequence would be better so that readers can understand Gupta’s thoughts with more clarity. 

He uses a language that is friendly to the understanding of an average reader. Even though the work goes beyond 300 pages, the content makes the readers bother less about the pages and more interested in the text. Therefore, all readers who are interested in understanding the different facets of reality in their simplest sense should take “What is Present Reality” for reading. The work would be both groundbreaking when it comes to scientific approach and a torchbearer when it would be about taking a modern approach.

Title: What is Present Reality
Author: Dr. Vipin Gupta 
Pages: 478 
Reviewed By: Akhila at The Literature Today 
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