Book Review | What Is Human Factor by Dr. Vipin Gupta

Yet another eye-opening and thought-provoking read by Dr. Vipin Gupta, What Is Human Factor, as the title of the book questions only to answer in the subtitle: The Key To A Joyful Life. Set at about 368 pages, the book is a park of Project VIPIN: Vastly Integrated Processes Inside Nature. This is the 8th of 12 books in the series. The book opens with a brief introduction to project VIPIN and the significance and vision of the author. This is preceded by an elaborate contents page which is almost like a map to what is contained in the book.

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The intrinsic dimension, according to Dr. Vipin Gupta, of the vastly integrated processes is nothing but Mother Nature and as beings who dwell in nature’s presence, the need of the hour is to reconnect with Nature at the earliest. These are not visible to the naked eye. All of it is looked at in the first seven books of the series. This particular 8th book looks at the extrinsic factors that are visible to the naked eye. However, Gupta warns that this visibility is only to a limited extent as long as one uses the proper tools to envision these processes. This calls for open-mindedness and sacrificing of one’s ego.

Looking beyond the hero-zero dichotomy, the book is deeply rooted in Indian traditional wisdom and knowledge based on reason, logic, and sense perception. The book elaborates on the human factor that is a blend of four realities namely, the management reality, worker reality, leader reality, and trader reality. In terms of the content, the book is systematically arranged, full of wisdom, and appeals to the intellect. The ideas are slightly abstract in the preface but once the main content flows in then the ideas get concretized with ample examples and detailed explanations.

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Higher bliss is important to attain according to the author for a peaceful existence in this world. However, this can be attained through a four-layered path that is a conceptually creative initiative by the author. The most important ideas are placed in the yellow boxes by the author that blends in with the main text. The ideas on the whole are not easy to capture due to the excess of mathematical calculations though there is no doubt that they are very engaging and engrossing.

The core concepts and highlights are expressed through bright yellow boxes that are placed in the start of the chapters. These boxes contain a picture accompanying the concept and an elaborate description. These descriptions are usually in very simple language and in dialogue form that makes the ideas behind it easy to grasp.

However, there is the intense use of Sanskrit words like most of the books in this series that may seem a little bit of intellectual jargon to the readers that are not deeply interested in Indian philosophy or Indian logic. There are no loose ends in any of the chapters and all ideas find a sequence which is important to follow as the chronology guides readers and gives them the right sense of direction in terms of the manner of grasping these higher-ordered ideas and sharpening their sense faculties.  

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