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Despite a million of experimental hypotheses, logical arguments, consciousness remains one of the most mysterious aspects of human life. Google it and there consciousness is defined in a simple statement as an awareness of our internal and external existence. But is it that simple? The answer to this is both a yes and no. If one is bestowed with the right guidance in life, consciousness easily comes to the door. On the same note, Vipin Gupta’s What Is Consciousness can be your next guide to awaken you from the deadening slumber of ignorance.

This is the 5th book, published independently under the author’s 12 book project. To remind the readers, this project is about unleashing the complex and heavily integrated processes of nature that in turn shapes the divine reality in our human mind. Like its predecessors, this book too is thoroughly researched and thoughtfully composed. The core idea resides in the investigation of how a human mind conceives an idea as a linear image to fill the void in our consciousness. It has become like an innate habit to falsify our linear image. This book will take you through the process of human mind which moulds the law of limitation into us and how it limits our ability to awaken our consciousness.

I love this idea of integrating our ancient scriptures to substantiate the scientific views. The book is again an open challenge to the know-it-all scientific community. The book starts with the concept of varying consciousness with the varying forms of reality. It talks of the theoretical, ideal, animate and inanimate reality. A close look on the types of conscious subject and understanding the consciousness follows in the first chapter. In author’s own words, ‘We are Mother nature’s personal homolog embodying her inanimate person effect and servicing that to form the diverse moments of our life.’

I am sure you all believe that our life is all about getting the desirable results. Whatever we see good or feel good, we wish to own it. But what happens in the state of bardo? The desirable becomes undesirable and turns into the causative factor of our degeneration. As the book states, “WE” is the consciousness of togetherness. It motivates a disproportionate consumer mindset for asserting one’s superiority beyond absolute. The narration takes an interesting turn when author chalks out the astrological aspect of the planet Saturn. How this planet of discordant wishes behaves in the zodiac realm and also in the terrestrial realm is well elaborated.

The book later walks us through the spirit and its scripted truth, our imagination effect. There is a wonderful thought over materialism and spirituality. We need to pursue the path of divinity which is there in knowing energy for an absolute oneness with planet Saturn. The ontological meaning of consciousness, as described in the book is very intriguing. If you think, consciousness is only meant for living entity, then your notion will be negated by this book. As it says- epistemologically, even the non-living entities have consciousness of their potential to be a living entity.

As we turn the pages, axiological and metaphysical definitions of consciousness are talked about. Then follows the technological and organizational meaning of consciousness. In short, this book is a conscious effort to kindle our consciousness in a multidimensional realm. The second chapter helps in understanding and managing the limits of the scientific methods for researching. It further investigates the eight primary octaves with the octaves of possibilities. It teaches us the technique to transform a possibility into certainty. In the following chapter of conscious reality, it tells us about the two types of conscious nature; ideal taking and ideal making. The tabular format in deciphering the octaves of possibilities keeps it a balanced deal. As the book concludes we realize how by enlightening ourselves as the matter guided by conscious nature, we tend to seed the entropy.

What Is Consciousness- The Factor Creating the Law of Limitation is prudent effort in enlightening everyone at the individual level as well as at the organizational level. An academic book, thoroughly researched and explicitly elaborated with a liberated and unafraid mindset. One can sense a strong determination in crossing the traditional boundaries.  

Book- What Is Consciousness
Author- Vipin Gupta
Reviewed By- Atrayee Bhattacharya
Rating- 4.5/5

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