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Today’s time is such that everyone is busy preparing, competing, evaluating and improving. Yet, in the race of getting better and better, many people become demoralized, demotivated and lost midway. Hence were born the “self help books” and brilliant authors like Brian Tracy and Mark Manson have written books that actually are known to help people and make people’s lives better and more improved. Prayash Pal’s book, “The seed who got his farmer: a survival guide for young adults” is written in the light of serving the purpose. The book is not just about motivating the readers to accomplish their incomplete tasks but also gives insights into how things are to be done in life and how tough challenges can be handled at different junctures of life.

At the beginning of “The seed who got his farmer “, the author himself gives an advisory to the readers with a set of instructions of how the book is to b read. He gives his suggestion of how to read the book when the reader has shortage of time. He advices to keep a pen or pencil handy to mark or note the things he is to mention in the following pages. Reading the book is no task but keeping the valuable points the author shares in mind is the tough task. The author imparts wisdom from his experience. With the narrative of a story, he simultaneously lists the ideas to make people, their choices and their lives better. There are a total of 16 chapters with an introduction and a conclusion. Every chapter discusses different aspects that confront any person in his/her life where decisionmaking is a tough task. Through the frame narrative of a story involving two major characters, Akash and Rohit, Pal talks about how to deal with situations and how to handle them. The two belong to different social levels thus representing the members of their groups. One is the well-to-do group and the other is the struggling group. Their story also has reflections of the social aspects of Indian families which are not mentioned directly but the reader can easily read between the lines and understand. How people have to suffer owing to economical reasons is explored in the book along with the self help narrative. In the midst of all this, the author also manages to explore a few themes which include social status, friendship, betrayal, family and education. In between all this, the author also shows his understanding of human psychology by building up strong and powerful characters. 

At the end of every chapter in “The seed who got his farmer”, there is a section of “Lessons and deep insights” which is almost like the summing up of all the points the writer has made throughout the chapter in case the reader may have missed while being engrossed in story reading.

One observable fact about the book is how the author manages to club the genres of fiction and self help together thus facilitating the book making it a captivating read. He also closely exhibits his flair of writing prose which, if he tries, would turn out equally exceptional. His characters are very lively and realistic and so are the lessons the author gives at the end of each chapter. 

While putting forward lessons to be read, the author also creates interesting and applicable quotes which will always remain valid. Since the author has studied psychology, a fair application of that is visible on observing how the book can cast its effects on the lives of the people. His focus on self education is thoroughly reflected in his work. “The seed who got hi farmer” is one book which should always be in everyone’s bookshelf not just for keeping sake but also among must reads. For all those who are looking for a unique plotline to entertain and valuable life lessons to learn, this book is a must have. The language of the book is friendly to the understanding of the reader.

Pal’s book not only changes the perspective of thinking of any person but also has positive impact on their lives. The book is for people who want to help themselves and hence it can be read by people from almost all backgrounds including students, working generation and even old population. 

Ratings: 4.5/5

Author Name:  Mr. Prayash Pal
Book Title: The Seed Who Got His Farmer
Publisher: Evincepub Publishing; 1 edition (2019)                  Paperback: 174 pages                                                                    Buy Book: Amazon  Store                                                  Reviewed by  Aakhila at Theliteraturetoday

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