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Poetry is the play of right words with some of the most in-describable emotions, while poets are those players who plays with the beautiful words and makes way to compose these heart touching and soulful poems for us!

Reviewing this Poetry-Collection book, “The Humble Wrath” has been a special experience to me since I too started my writing journey as a poet and very similarly to the Author of this book, Vandana Sudheesh who too is an inspiring poet and had started her pursuit to create big opportunities for herself with her writings. She carries all the potential of reaching great heights in the coming days, as a Writer!  

About the Author: Vandana Sudheesh, a wife and a mother of a girl child from Kerela, is one among those who always wanted to rise and capture her dreams. She started her career as a banker after her Post Graduation. Now she has got her very first book published, which is a poetry collection, titled as “The Humble Wrath.” A part from poetry writing & composing, she is a good dancer and an artist by nature. She used to write down short lines when she was too young and by now she had made her dream come true!

As a self-taught artist, she always wanted to try different things so she followed the mantra which Blaise Pascal once quoted: “It is better to know something about everything!” According to her it is always important to be positive. Her favourite book is “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne which is a must read according to her. Her favourite author is Dan Brown, who had tremendous collection of stories.

Title: The title of this book, “The Humble Wrath” is certainly a catchy one and this is something which makes the book even more interesting, as the title itself compels you as a poetry-lover to pick up this book for a read. You would feel the urge to go inside the chapters and try to understand the Author’s expression of words and the words of the Author will indeed justify the title. 

Also, I must mention that it’s a very apt title for this poetry collection book and the Author had been extremely wise to go for this title.

Theme/Concept: Poetry – There are a total of “55 Poems” in this book and they serve the readers with the portrayal of astounding phases of life-love, infatuation, pain, revenge and depression. Each poem in this book is based upon the common lifetime experiences of a human being or probably any regular person or even maybe upon you. Well, the readers can feel those experiences. 

Moreover, the poems in this book would imbibe the thought process of the poetry lovers. Composed in a very humble manner, the readers are bound to experience the various phases of life, which a person goes through in his/her lifetime, very much through this book. 

Most of the poems in this book are short and yet powerful, these poems will compel you to get lost in the thoughts which are portrayed by the poet. These poems give a complete imagery of the words and draws attention to feel love at its first stage, survive in love, losing your grip on relationships, and get it back with more power.

Readers Connect: The way, Author Vandana Sudheesh had expressed herself with her well versed poems in this poetry collection book, “The Humble Wrath” is something really incredible and is undoubtedly an enough reason for you to shift your focus towards her poetry and give this book a chance. It’s the poets, who plays the pivotal role in touching the inner cords of our emotions and making us believe and think the way their words intend to and Author Vandana Sudheesh had done this job in an exceptionally top notch manner! 

Moreover, the Author had beautifully expressed her feelings through her words and had given a Strong-Start to her poems, also you can see that most of these poems had retained their flow till the very end, which gives you an immense amount of satisfaction as a reader.

Verdict: A Book like “The Humble Wrath” is for sure a Must-Read one and deserves a chance. The way author had penned down her emotions and feelings through her writings will make you go deep into her poems and find out the hidden meanings of the words, used in her poems.

Readers will get to experience the mixture of feelings in these poems by the Author. “Reviving from those pains you could fly away. There is no pain that you cannot get away with!” The book wants to put a smile on the face of the readers. The Author, Vandana Sudhessh is a promising author, who is very honest with her writings and this is just a beginning for her!

Ratings: 5/5
Author Name:  Vandana Sudheesh
Book Title: The Humble Wrath
Publisher:  Evincepub Publishing (2020)
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Reviewed by : Neel Preet at Theliteraturetoday                                   
ISBN-13: 978-9390197996

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