Book Review | The Fishbowl: Story of the Storyteller by Vivek Kumar | The Literature Today

Book Review | The Fishbowl: Story of the Storyteller by Vivek Kumar | The Literature Today

January 12, 2021 0 By The Literature Today

“What we see in our childhood days, gets inside our head because some of those experiences have much more to impact, at later stages in our lives. Often people seem to remember something from their childhood experience and think or laugh about them, well sometimes people write about them too!”

The book, “The Fishbowl: Story of the Storyteller” by Author Vivek Kumar is basically a Collection of Short Stories consisting some very interesting characters in the stories, which highlights some really wonderful events of one’s life! The author has done a wonderful job with this book and has painted his stories very vividly with his words!

Author’s Introduction: The Author, Vivek Kumar, 41, is a writer and director. He has published four works of fiction (2 Novels, 1 Novella & 1 short story collection), directed one short film (Kafka & I, 2017) and one documentary film (I Pravir The Adivasi GOD, 2020). His focus is on applying a human lens to historical and cultural narratives. He lives in Mumbai, India.

Introduction: This book, “The Fishbowl: Story of the Storyteller” is a well-written Anthology with 10 most amazing chapters leading towards the nostalgic story of a student; A heartening tale of a young lad; And a story that is filled with innocence and unadulterated love. The book clearly highlights the Author’s emotions and his feelings, through the characters in his stories! With a brilliant characterization in these “10 Reading-Worthy Chapters” of the book, the Author has certainly made this book an interesting one which one can give a read with a very relaxed and casual mind.

Well, this book is inspired by the events, which the author had experienced in the years of his boarding school life and therefore, the Author had given a fictional touch to some of his boarding school experiences into his stories! This book is a journey of kids staying in boarding school and how they transform from innocent children to the individualists. The plot is very simple consisting of a series of events happening in the school years. The readers will find the unveiling of these characters and the experiences of the storyteller through the stories in this book.

Readers’ Connect: The plot has been written with great efforts and the Author has done a brilliant job in making the readers love the parts where he has thrown lights on the life of the students of the boarding schools. Also, the Author has been extremely brave with his writings and has not hesitated to highlight even the darker side of boarding school life!

Something even more helpful for the readers is the fact that this book is written in a very great and acceptable language which the readers can give a read in a very casual manner. The narration made by the author is this book is just so engaging that it clearly makes the book much more interesting for the readers and readers are bound to experience some wonderful writing in the book. The author has presented his readers with a rich vocabulary and a creative language, which can be considered as one of the best things in this book. The language constructs use dint he story are just classy and appreciable. The quotes in the story added more beauty.

Moreover, every character in this book is written with much strength, scope and space. The Author has made his characters very relatable, that the readers can identify themselves and their known ones as some of those characters!

Book Title & Cover: The book title, is undoubtedly a “Catchy One” and also creating an appropriate amount of curiosity in the mind of the readers. Well, after going through the plot, one can understand the reason for this title, “The Fishbowl: Story of the Storyteller” as it’s very much justified with respect to the beautiful stories present in this book.  

In addition, the book cover, too deserves a special mention for being so intriguing and reflecting the glimpse of the subject matter of the plot!

Verdict: The characterization, the narration and the entertainment quotient are impeccably good in this book. Also, the Readers can find an incredible state of flawless writing throughout the plot, which surely makes this book easy to read as well, in spite of it being so lengthy. What makes this book, “The Fishbowl: Story of the Storyteller” a Must-Read one is the fact that it is written very fluently and has beautifully described lots of humorous hostel life moments. It flows effortlessly creating a detailed, innocent and coming of the age story.

The Author has done a tremendous job with this book and his stories deserves a read as his spectacular plot will crave the readers to go deeper and read it till the very last page!

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REVIEWED BY: Neel Preet  at The Literature Today
PUBLISHER: Kindle Direct Publishing 2020

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