Book Review The Case of the Missing Brother by Vikas Sinha at The Literature Today

Book Review The Case of the Missing Brother by Vikas Sinha at The Literature Today

January 19, 2021 0 By The Literature Today

A genre that can ignite the interest of any reader is the genre of mystery. Fact or fiction, both have the potential of keeping the readers glued to a work of writing. When there is further addition of other elements, the fusion that is created comes out as a more captivating mixture. Such is the case with Vikas Sinha’s mystery fiction, “The Case of the Missing Brother.” As the title suggests, the work revolves around the mystery of the person mentioned in the title. In light of this, the author explores other themes and burning issues that form the heart of today’s topics of conversation.

The cover of the book gives a variety of suggestions to the readers who are already held captive to the book because of its title. These suggestions invoke different responses from the readers, and they open the book to understand the mystery the author shares. The author shares a focused and chalked out narrative from the beginning. Without wavering, he comes to the point about the missing brother the circumstances that led to it. Through detective Andy, the readers also become investigators who think and reflect as he does, and through his eyes, they see suspects and inquisitively want to know who the real culprit would be. 

The author plays with the imagination of the readers time and again by presenting different probabilities and possibilities. This keeps their interest intact and also makes them wonder and use their investigative instincts alongside. Crafted in the style of Arthur Conan’s Doyle’s “Sherlock Holmes,” Sinha begins his work on almost the same lines, but as the narrative progresses, the book emerges with a unique identity that not only appears distinct but also one of its kind. At the same time, Sinha’s couples the mysterious elements with gothic fiction elements. There may be no strict adherence to the gothic form of writing, yet the author manages to create an atmosphere that has the air of the gothic in “The Case of the Missing Brother.” This combination of these two elements keeps the readers on their toes and makes sure that they have an unforgettable experience in reading something fresh and vibrant from the corners of detective fiction.

The audience for Sinha’s work cannot be limited to any particular age or genre. It remains open to be read by all readers who want to read mystery fiction, or those who wish to initiate themselves into the genre, and even those who are looking for a refreshing reading experience. The observant eye of the author through Andy shares every minute detail with the readers leaving nothing untold or unrevealed. Yet, he keeps the exploration of the mystery under wraps and unveils them when it is the right time. Spread in about 250 pages, the book is an ideal read for all as it is neither too short nor too long. The readers would enjoy through as they explore the work layer by layer. In the midst of this, Sinha covers the lives of almost 3 or 4 generations. Even if the details are limited, they are enough for the readers to stay connected with the main plot and join the dots as they read along. 

At the same time, the author addresses a variety of themes that make his work multi-dimensional. These themes include familial bonds, the importance of family and being connected with them, childhood experiences affecting adulthood, human nature, the thrill of exploring treasure secrets, and the contrast between materialistic life and non-materialistic living. The narrative is also driven and slowed down as per the requirements of detail sharing. At times the readers need to be told about essential facts, which is where the author gives the breaks and speeds it up when he has them in tune with him. With his artistic brush, he does not let the readers get the slightest clues or hints regarding the real culprit, and they are left guessing based on their observations and detective instincts. This fact of not being able to assess is what can thrill any reader and make him interested in reading through further. Also, when the book talks about the case of other people missing at a certain frequency, this question pushes the book to a content of social relevance in addition to significance at a personal level only.

In addition to this, the language that is used by the author is also fairly chosen and according to the understanding of an average reader. However, the readers would find probable words to improve their vocabulary here and there at times. Overall, “The Case of the Missing Brother” is a work that would be enjoyed by all readers irrespective of their ages or the genres they have an interest in. At least once, every reader should try to unravel the case of Stella’s missing brother and find out the circumstances that led to his mysterious vanishing.

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REVIEWED BY: Akhila  at The Literature Today
PUBLISHER:  STORYMIRROR (24 September 2020)

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