Book Review |Situational Sins  |Azar – The Literature Today

Book Review |Situational Sins |Azar – The Literature Today

April 28, 2021 0 By The Literature Today

As time has changed and human civilization has progressed from ancient to modern, it finds its traces and reflection in the nooks and corners of literary writing. At the same time, literary writing has also been true to its purpose by reflecting everything faithfully. An example of this reflection is Azar’s novel, “Situational Sins: A Carnal Damnation.” As interesting as the title sounds, equally captivating is the story that the author builds up in the almost 300 pages novel.  Azar builds up simple characters from ordinary backgrounds with a story that would be a story of any ordinary person. This factor becomes the salient feature of the book. As the present-day readers prefer to see reality the way it is, they would find it in plenty here.

As the author begins developing the plot of “Situational Sins,” the readers get instantly interested because of the suspense with which he begins the book. They are immediately involved in guessing and trying to decipher the hints that the characters leave in the course of their conversation. When the unfolding of the plot does not match their guesses, then the element of unpredictability comes into play strongly, which makes sure they remain glued to the book to find the answers to what they have been trying to find so far. This becomes one of the key factors that keeps the readers in tune with the events occurring and goes in favor of the author. Alongside, the disturbing book cover also gives the readers a clear idea that what they are going to read would not restrain from showing the raw form of reality or sugarcoat it in any way. It also depicts the Sysiphus situation where fate is caught in a never-ending loop.

As Azar constructs a plot that features reality from the darkest corners of human life, the story becomes effortlessly agreeable for all who have the slightest idea that life has never been a bed of roses or just a fairy tale with a happy ending. As an author, he clearly delivers the message of life being far more than just a happy ending, and in most probabilities, things are seldom what they seem to be. The story of Balika in “Situational Sins” is an example of the corrupted world which shows no mercy to an innocent who wants nothing but just a little happiness and a platform to fulfill her ambitions. Arya’s character is the representative of the little humanity which is left in the world where the only intent is to do something good for someone, but in turn, he himself gets caught in an ugly situation. As it happens these days, very few people step out to help anyone in need. The author shows the other side of the story where how this noble act of helping is rewarded in this life. This justifies why people are the way they are today.

In terms of recommendation, the book would be a quick favorite of the grown-up, mature readers who are aware of the dark realities of life and also know that it certainly is not a bed of roses. They would find it an attraction due to the raw and unabashed representation of reality. Younger readers may not be able to build a connection spontaneously, but as they try to understand the characters, they would also develop their interests. “Situational Sins” would also help them get familiar with the stark form of reality and help them to evolve as a person and accept things the way they are. Therefore, every reader, whether they read fiction or non-fiction, should read this book. To make things easier for the readers, the author keeps the language simple and easy to understand for all. All these factors make sure the readers do lay their hands on the book once and recommend it to their friends and family too after reading it.

Azar takes liberty in developing the characters he has. He does not crowd his canvas with characters facing similar fates. Instead, moulds and gives one character the strength of many, and hence, they leave lasting impressions on the minds of the readers. Thus, one character becomes a powerful representative for the many who would be undergoing the same fate. It is also interesting to observe how the title has biblical associations and usage of the words “sins,” “carnal,” and “damn” vividly demonstrates his craft in playing with words and also giving him the liberty to express the hell the world is for most and heaven for only a handful. As a title, “Situational Sins” may not instantly hit the readers’ minds, but it is more than appropriate for the book, which has the sins which were the results of the situations that the characters confronted in their lives.

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REVIEWED BY: Aashi Vats  at The Literature Today

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