11, May, 2021
Book Review | Saroj Sudan | Evincepub Publishing

Book Review | Saroj Sudan | Evincepub Publishing

This book is authored by “Saroj Sudan,” who has strained stirring the fundamental aspects of all Indian families which are being pertinent from the times of early Rigvedic period, where the birth of a girl child in a family was considered as a matter of shame and vice versa with the boys.

The story gyrates around the central characters, Pallavi, Virendra, Deepak, Sarla, Sudha, Shreya, and Vineet.

The segment wince with some heart-wrenching scenes of a tattered house of Sarla, whose husband Virendra is an orthodox and a drunkard. Sarla is seen in a suffering mother’s character with her two children, who are also tortured.

The story’s plot is based on a struggling girl Pallo, who is later known as Pallavi, a girl with a mind full of dreams but zero opportunities.

The story starts with her marriage scene with an old and corrupted man around 45 years, where she tries spurning but gets failed by the unconscious beatings are devastating abusing words by her father.

The generic theme of “unlock Shackles” is…

Pallavi is being saved by her 35 years old maasi, an advocate and yet unmarried, waiting to find (VINEET) a perfect and suitable match for her; this shows the tenacity and hat tip that late marriage is better than an early annulment.

Career & Education:

Pallavi, Deepak, and Sarla’s story motivate me to be strongly dedicated towards career, achieving 145 ranks in the IAS exam, and getting a medical college on the first attempt isn’t a cup of tea for all. This teaches that outcomes can come better in any of the situations if you give your foremost.

It has no end. You have to be an optimist like Sarla and Sudha. This book teaches the actual hardship behind a successful story, Sarla who never thought for her, gets her Beauty parlor opening at the late ages of her life, as it’s never too late to kick off something newfangled.

Karma returns; whatever you do will get back to you either today or tomorrow by any means. The same is seen with Sarla’s husband and in-laws, who see the error of one’s ways at the end but get nothing in return. Fortunately, a great son Deepak gives a chance to Kanyadaan to his father at Pallavi’s wedding, which was an unexpecting and loving part of this novel.

Saroj Sudan has roughly retained and covered all the parts of a human life heroically in this novel, either grief, happiness, struggle, or remorse. This story has a perfect conclusion. It gives the memorandum that every muddle has an emulsion, and it will approach you as Sudha came to her sister Sarla. This book has perfectly portrayed the feelings of a young girl Pallavi, like what obstacles she feels while committing her love to Varun; the author has correctly dealt with Deepak, who gets his life partner Shreya at the end, which says that everyone needs an individual in their life which isn’t a fragility but a need.

Summing up, I would recommend this book as a hope of light for all the strugglers who feel depressed and think that sufferings have no end then go through this optimistic book at least once.

I would rate this book 4.8/5 stars.

Title: Unlock Shackles, Let her Fly
Author: Saroj Sudan 
Reviewed By: Aditi Arya
Publisher: Evincepub Publishing 
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