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There was a time when human beings were concerned about the outer world and trying to explore and searching for the facts undiscovered. In that hunger for knowledge, various scientific inventions and discoveries took place. After two world wars in this post-modern era, the subject of study has surprisingly shifted to the inner world, i.e, the human mind and how it works. Rahul makes an attempt to understand the power of the mind and the wonders it can do in his book, “God Within You.” Written in a time when most human beings were facing an existential crisis due to the outbreak of Coronavirus throughout the world, Rahul’s work comes with an objective focused on bringing the better from the mind and make it work in a constructive direction so that everyone can sail through these tough times and any others that would lie ahead.

“God Within You” begins with the thoughts of the author and the circumstances that gave him the opportunity to jot down his plan that had been in waiting for a long time; to share his thoughts about the God, every human being possesses in themselves. He begins to talk about his idea with a scientific approach with a clear intention of keeping his explanation pragmatic and objective, which is keeping in mind the present generation. He shares the detailed plan of how he will the book will help a person in controlling their thoughts instead of being controlled by them. In the midst of this, it is interesting to note how the author smoothly connects religion and science, which are otherwise poles apart.

Rahul first talks about the origin of the concept of God and the messages common in almost every religion about God and his existence. But later on, he swiftly transforms the content and directs it towards human beings and the powers they possess within themselves. He talks about the different methods to cleanse the mind, to meditate, and control thoughts and how to make one’s mind work in the direction a person wants. He often quotes from people who are well known and have written or spoken about the power a person has within themselves. This indicates the fact that the author is well-read and has researched well before writing “God Within You.” It can also be said that the book is a crux, a summary of the many readings that a person would do otherwise, and this book is a place where many thoughts meet combined with the touch of the modern hand.

The book becomes an essential record of the present time when the readers begin reading under the sub-heading, “Corona Wave and its rectification.” The author suggests that even though this time is when everyone is feeling negative emotions in some manner or the other, but practicing simple techniques can help a person sail through these tough times too. Hence, it can be concluded that “God Within You” can serve as a comprehensive guide for all those who are having negative emotions and difficulty in coping up with the tough time of the present. Even if human beings are confronted with similar difficult situations in the future, this book would still come in handy.

Towards the end of “God Within You,” the author has provided a quick summary, a recapitulation of all that he has discussed in detail earlier. This helps readers recall and retain the key points. It also ensures that apart from a positive, constructive experience, the readers also have a complete learning of everything.

In this practical, non-fictional content, readers can find traces of self-help category books, but categorizing under just one category would not do complete justice to the subject matter of the book. The author’s diverse knowledge of science, theology, and human nature is thoroughly and closely reflected in the approach that he has in writing his thoughts. He uses simple language which is easy to understand and avoids any jargon from any subject. Above that, he has taken instances that must be known to the majority of readers. This expands the readership base, and the book-length is another strength of “God Within You.” Since the book has content that is open to reading for people who are not into reading, they can easily take the book for reading due to its conciseness, the precise form of writing, easy to understand language, and a short length.

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REVIEWED BY: Akhila Saroha at The Literature Today
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