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“”Tagline: 100 Realms of 100 writers.

An BRILLIANT anthology compiled by Mr. Aditya Jain( Founder and CEO, Tripod Stories TM).

Published by Evince Pub Publishing in December 2019, this book is available in both Paperback and eBook format. 

Let’s understand the Title first. 


One’s perspective is the way one sees something. For example if someone thinks that playing is a waste of a kid’s time then from his perspective, children parks are a bad place, a thorough waste of time. 

Perspective has a Latin root meaning “look through” or “perceive” and all the meanings of perspective have something to do with looking. 


Visual perspective taking (VPT) is the ability to see the world from another person’s perspective, taking into account what they see and how they see it. (Flavell, 1977). 

So in lay man’s language, we can say that Perspective is the way any individual see’s the world and Visual Perspective is understanding others person’s point of view, of how they see and feel about something.

Now this book is an Anthology.

What is an Anthology?

An Anthology is a published COLLECTION of poems or other pieces of writing.

PERSPECTIVE IN VISUALS is the book written by 100 writers across the globe, associated with different art domains, which is compiled by Tripod Stories TM.

It is a collection of snippets, stories, art works, poetry and photographs.

In present scenario of fast-paced life where stress and work take a toll on our physical and mental well-being, we need to share our thoughts and feelings with someone..we need to take  it out of our system..we need to relieve ourselves of this baggage. But how? Nobody has the time to listen and emphatise. The best way is to take the mighty pen and use it as a sword to take out our feelings, emotions, burdens and pen down whatever comes out of our system and it would not be anything short of an “awe”…!

In the words of Mr. Aditya Jain, Storytelling is an art of expressing yourself. The most powerful tool of a writer is IMAGINATION through which they visualize their perspective in writing, art and photographs, so that they can deliver their ideas to the world, the way they want to.

This BEAUTIFUL MASTERPIECE is about Perspective, Imagination and thoughts… Thoughts of emotions, love, hatred, war, life, death and success..penned down by 100 writers from all over the world associated with various art domains. With every story that a writer writes, he pours out a piece of his heart.

The Cover is simple and precise. It conveys the topic, content and context of the book effectively. The language used by various co- authors is very simple and easily understandable but at the same time very deep and full of emotions. It easily connects with the reader. Be it about your right to freedom and live your life on your own terms or about abuse in marriage or about a terrifying past or about some global issue about which the author feels deeply or about how inhuman the human species is becoming day-by-day or about uplifting someone through a dark period saying this too shall pass.

The 100 compilations vary in terms of;

-the context,

-the age of the writer,

-their profession,

-their native place,

-their medium of expression: prose, poetry or art or photography.

But all of them have one thing in common, their purity. They seem to have been penned down coming straight from the soul of the writer and touches the soul of the reader. Reading them the reader can feel the gravity, the depth from which these thoughts turned into words, have come. The reader will surely feel goosebumps at more instances than one. The content of this book is so RELATABLE and touching that it instantly hits with you, once you begin reading it. A definate PAGE TURNER and a very ENGROSSING read.

These writers are from various states of India, from many other countries like Pakistan, USA, from all sorts of professions ranging from being a student to a dentist. They express themselves beautifully through real life model photography, prose, poems, art and much more. There is an author bio, just before every author’s work comes forth in the book. Some have a picture to support their words and some don’t. The words are beautifully woven and are very touching. The words inspire, uplift, express feelings of- resentment, hurt, sadness among others. 

The author, Mr. Aditya Jain, should definately be applauded and appreciated for compiling, picking and sorting, such unique gems from various professions, age groups and geographical locations. It’s not a time consuming read but will leave the reader in a state of admiration and amazement. It reiterates the fact that “individually we are one drop and together we are an ocean”.  It is available for INR 450/- at amazondotin and for INR 100/- at Amazon Kindle.

Ratings: 4.5/5

Author Name:  Mr. Aditya Jain
Book Title: PERSPECTIVE IN VISUALS. Tripod Stories TM
Publisher: Evincepub Publishing (22 December 2019)     
Paperback: 243 pages                                                                   
Buy Book: Amazon  Store                                                 Reviewed by  Noor at Theliteraturetoday


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