Book Review- #Mylifeline-III by Vishal Patel

“Life lived in the idealism that feels worthless, often becomes an idol for someone’s life”. The show must go on. This is the basic concept on which this book and the previous two parts are based. 

#MYLIFELINE by author Vishal Patel (Sevak) is a novel series. This book, BEING SELF-MOTIVATED, is the third and final installment in the series. Although I haven’t read the first two books, I comfortably sailed through this one. In the beginning itself, a synopsis of the two books is given for the ease of the reader. The series is inspirational and can be easily categorised in the self-help genre. It could have been written and further bracketed in the non-fiction section but the author very wisely and cleverly, chose a story to weave the content of the book. 

Everyone is in some race to achieve everything in their life, and eventually, they forget to live and feel real happiness and inner satisfaction. Unavoidable failures and its associated pains are a daily part of everyone’s life, especially for the young ones in the society. Hardly a few of them get proper direction, positive path and a ray of hope to live their life even after failures, while the rest just don’t find any way and remain depressed and demotivated all the time and sometimes, they lose faith in their well-wishers, on god and always feel alone which leads them to the unimaginable wrong step.

The series, talks about a young guy, his life right from college days to the corporate world, encompassing his love life too. It talks about the ups and downs he faced and how he worked his way through them. The first book says HOPE KEEPS ALIVE and talks about the protagonist, Nishaan and his best friend Varun. Their academic journey, educational challenges, limitations, poor financial background, Nishaan’s selfless motivation and help to face real- life challenges. Nishaan also meets his true love in this book. It also answers’ questions like does Nishaan’s help to Varun enable him to crack the interviews? Is Nishaan able to help his family financially? One can find answers to many other questions which the youth of today, face in this sphere of their life. All this makes the book very relatable and an engrossing read.

The second book talks about ROLLER- COASTER NIGHTMARES. It discusses the various ups and downs and flood of emotions that a person feels in his personal life. Although Nishaan’s love life was his utmost priority, still the relationship becomes shaky. He was facing numerous challenges on the professional front as well which were adding to his misery. Sleepless nights, job insecurity, ill health of his father were other factors which were causing him nightmares. This part of the book answered various questions; was Nishaan able to find a new job, was his father saved and was he able to balance his love life.

The third book of the series, BEING SELF-MOTIVATED, takes the reader through further hurdles Nishaan faced in his love life, paving way for a heavy depression. This is so common in the youth of today and so relatable that the story will strike a chord at the heart strings right away. The best part being, the author further explains how Nishaan comes out of this bog, this marshy state by undertaking spiritual, motivational and positive activities. His own self – motivation helped him come out victorious from the looming danger of depression. The later half of the book talks about how Nishaan becomes a motivational writer, a speaker and a counselor. It zooms on the various activities and the thought process which helped Nishaan achieve his potential, leaving behind the strings which tried to bring him down.

The Author, Vishal Patel (Sevak) apart from being an Engineer in a multi-national company, writes novels, stage plays, scripts, short stories, blogs, and quotes in English, Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati. Infect the book begins and ends on beautiful, vernacular poems. There is use of colloquial speech at various points in the book.

276 pages are bifurcated in 18 chapters. The book begins with chapter 47 and continues till chapter 60. Then the story takes a time leap of 3 years and chapter’s 61-65 talks about Nishaan and his life at that point of time. The book is published by Notion Press and 18th February was its release date. It is available for INR 295/- paperback and for INR 150/- kindle edition.

The author was one among the Top 100 Indian Debut Authors 2019 for his true inspirational novel series, #MyLifeline. This Novel series won the Top 100 Debut Novel Award 2020. 

Even though it can be difficult to find happiness, one can use Nishaan’s story to stay motivated and positive, during the most challenging of circumstances.

It is motivating, inspiring, written in a simple language with a very heart-warming story which easily connects with the youth and they can associate their own life situations with it at some or the other point. A wonderful read.

Ratings: 4.5/5

Author Name:  Vishal Patel (Sevak)
Book Title: #Mylifeline: Part – III: Being Self-Motivated
Publisher: Notion Press; 1 edition (20 January 2020)                        Paperback: 278 pages                                                                   Buy Book: Amazon  Store                                                  Reviewed by  Noor at Theliteraturetoday

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