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We read many motivations books and like some of them to our life as well. Of those so many books, there are really only a few who can write well when it comes to motivating the people around. We are also having some motivational authors who are helping us with their creative writings. Numerous emerging authors try their hand at motivational writing every year; some are read and forgotten; some never come on the scene… Today, we will be sharing the review of book from our ‘motivational author’ who shows great signs of promise in his writing. The title of book is “Miracles Through My Eyes” written by Dinesh Sahay and published by Evincepub Publishing.

To begin, we would like to start with Dinesh’s words right on the ‘Author’s Note’ page

“Winners are those who try each time after the failures

And never give up till they win, those who leave it in

Midway can never think of winning.

We have recently read a book by Dinesh Sahay –. The book, “Miracles Through My Eyes” is the second book of the Author. In the book author has witnessed many Miracles during the journey of his life. He then created his own actual program for Wish/dream/goal Fulfillment and solutions to problems. He later experimented with this technique with his fellow associates and clients and observed remarkable success as they achieved their goals or reached near to it. In many cases he witnessed with his Eyes, Miracles happening in their lives and so, he repeated similar situations with other persons found astonishing Miracles repeatedly.

The book, “Enlighten the Lamp of Your Fortune” is the first book by Author Dinesh Sahay could be described as a Set of Guide to find solutions to those problems, which each one of us faces in our regular day-to-day lives. The Author felt the pain of the people facing the issues like financial problems, job and promotion related issues, marriage issues – selection of partner in arranged or love marriage, any kind of illness, business issues – increasing of business turnover or expansion of the business, small quarrels or big fights and all other kinds of issues, which regular people face in their daily lives! With his experience, the Author had been kind enough to provide a solution to all these issues probably in the best possible manner, for us to understand and act upon.

The author hasn’t been a poor chap anywhere in the content. He is mature writing and we can easily observe the same in his writings. He has written beautifully and equally beautifully he has given space to all the arguments and counterarguments in his narrative. The motivational stuff from the author ads a great reading experience. There are many pages at the end that will guide you through all the citations that Dinesh has used. His research has been profound and deep. Every now and then there comes a point in everyone’s life when things don’t look too positive; when there is a significant lack of passion and determination; when everything seems dull and boring and hopeless. What should one do then? The author has written the book perfectly and for sure, readers will enjoy it very much. 

You will get all solution to these problem described by Author Dinesh. In this book, readers will find his life experiences, analysis, research and miracles witnessed through his eyes. Most of us people live their life as an ordinary normal but through good and bad events. How we can learn the art of creation in life by doing experiments of self and on others. This book also tells how we can use the power of mind and the law of attraction.

The book by Dinesh will help you to set a better goal and also it lets you achieve the same. There is no one better than you yourself to accomplish change and one way you can get a grip on your life is by reading books that will help you improve and help you come out of your difficult days.

The Author, Dinesh Sahay (BSc, CBIM), has worked in many companies as ex. GM, Techno link Engineering Co Pvt Ltd, Techno Trade; Senior Manager Marketing & Sales Kumar Oxygen Ltd, Kumaun Gases Ltd; DM, Modi Rubber Ltd and so on. During this period, he has educated many of his members online and clients, distributors, dealers, and employees of the company about his programmer and guided them towards positive creation in life – with great success which includes businesses, finances etc.

To keep it simple, I have never read anything like this and I will suggest all my readers go through this book and understand what the failure and success really is. However, “Miracles Through My Eyes” will certainly prove to be an important milestone in your catalog of reading books and it will a memorable read. A much-recommended book for all. 

Ratings: 4.5/5

Author Name:  Dinesh Sahay
Book Title: Miracles Through My Eyes
Publisher:  Evincepub Publishing (23 October 2019)                        ISBN-13: 978-9389482683                                                               Paperback: 146 pages                                                                   Buy Book: Amazon  Store                                                  Reviewed by Theliteraturetoday

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