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A un-put-downloadable book – in a true sense! Let me accept this at first point that this is going to be the first-ever book review when I tag a book as – un-put-down-able!

I am finding it hard to decide upon where and what to start from because I am pretty much happier with the package after completion. This is author’s debut attempt but the selection of the theme and the treatment supplemented for the problem in hand is what is making worth a read.

The story unfolds with major accidents which attracted the eye-balls and media attention. Why? Well because, the author has touched upon very sensitive topics such as liquor, cigarette rape and what the bait in the situation is that how he is attempted to highlight these social issues and weave a story around them. Surpassing this, his strategy of providing solutions to the problems is highly commendable – he is taken a multi-pronged approach satiating several urges of the time.

The story is set around a man who despite of having being nurtured in high moral family background – finds himself to be a loser of the life time. The turn-of-events during his younger years shadowed his thoughts. Later in life, he did find a path to channelize his thoughts and put his words in action. While reading, there are so many takeaways. How we should re-look at our present lives and present social scenarios? What measures need to taken to combat these problems? What sort of mind-set is needed to plan a restructuring of thoughts? List will only increase but space binds me.

Any reader can very easily connect with the protagonist in terms of college days, frustration of need being able to live life of expectations, agony of experiencing pain and guilt in relation and that self-less family belonging with love and affection that we are bestowed with! Well, before you read further, I suggest you to re-read the title. Obviously, you have already spotted the unique reflective effect used in the letters. Just, ponder over the thought – why such an effect is used? Well, there is a guiding reason behind it. I invite you to read the book for find it out!

The writing style is very easy to comprehend and maintains the flow of the story. Sometimes, scenes felt a bit stretchy but no negative views on them as well. The characters are very well etched such that you will correlate them with your family members very easily. Many-a-times, I felt that as if I am listening to some actual conversation within a family. His grandmother was his pillar all-along! Every single word speaks this aloud. I could sense the warmth of the love and care exchanged between them. Truest me, you will wish to meet your elders if you read it. Book cover is just one parameter where I am not happy with.

As a custom, I usually highlight who the best target audience would be for any given title recommendation. For this one, I recommend this title especially for college students for two reasons. First, they will get an alternate view for the thoughts they might be encountering at this phase of their lives. Secondly, for picking up the script for the drama enacting or some festival presentation. Infact, this makes a perfect pick for class discussion for literature students as well.

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