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“Poetry is the play of Right Words with Right Emotions and Poets are the Players who Plays with those Beautiful Words!”

The book, “Making a Poem” by Author Vihang A. Naik right from its very title much evidently hints the psychology of the Poet in the art of composing Poetry. This book is an Anthology of Poems, in which the Author also explains the methods of composing a poem in an interesting manner by sharing his own insights about the stages of development of a poem. Basically, this book is a marvellous collection of poetry highlighting the stories behind the making of those poems and also states the Poet’s evolution, altogether bringing a very new experience for the readers!

This poetry collection book sheds a fascinating light upon the writing process and the poet’s personal aesthetics. Also the poet displays a confident command of the poetic form to bring his ideas and observations into life, making the poems of in this book deeply thoughtful and intuitive as a cohesive collection.  

The Author, Vihang A. Naik was born in Surat, India on September 2, 1969, is a contemporary poet writing in English, widely published and won awards. His English language poems have appeared in literary journals such as: Indian Literature: A Sahitya Akademi Bi-Monthly Journal, Kavya Bharati, POESIS: A Journal of Poetry Circle, Mumbai, The Journal of the Poetry Society (India), The Journal of Indian Writing In English, The Journal of Literature and Aesthetics, The Brown Critique, The Poetry Chain among other significant journals and e publications. He is educated from The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda with English Literature, Philosophy and Indian Literature in English Translations.

From Surat, he moved to Baroda, Ahmadabad and other cities out of Gujarat. He had his primary school was from Navrachana, he changed cities and schools. His travels gave him unique insight into life and humanity and he wrote “City Times and Other Poems” which enters Limca Book of Records: 2016; Michel Madhusudan Prize: 1998 among other significant awards. 

The book will most certainly please you since the Author had done an immensely delightful work and had made sure to engage the readers with his fascinating ideas and concepts. We know the common perception that poetry comes either from deep agony or from euphoria but this book goes a step ahead and throws light much deeper inside the poet’s life as well to find the stages through which a poet undergoes to compose a poem!

The book, “Making a Poem” consists of Five Subdivisions in it, namely: 1) Are you looking for that Poet; (2) A Poet as a Young Man; (3) Making a Poem; (4) A Poem comes Alive; (5) A Poet. In a very lucid language, the book presents the readers with an amalgamation of the poem and the poet, which is indeed a very unique concept. Also, the readers will experience a really appreciable usage of phrases and the placement of right words at the right places. The effort of the Author is very much reflecting in his work and the book is creating a great impact over the readers in a sense, which the Author had intended.

Well, I would say that “Making a Poem” is undeniably an Incredible Experience for the readers, since by analysing the book you will come to the conclusion that it’s not just the poems, which makes a poet rather the treasured and hidden circumstances, encountered by the poet plays the vital role in making of a poet. A Poet is someone who knows the art of entering a person’s heart just by his/her words. Moreover, poets around the globe deserve the acknowledgement for their implausible contributions to the society!

In addition, the Book Title is truly justified by the Author as the book is all about the ideas and stories behind the making of a poem. The book talks about the relationship between the poem and the poet and the unique approach which the poet undertakes in order to compose the poems. Also, the readers will find a lovely collection of poems in this book, making it a complete content on poems and poet in every aspect!

Furthermore, the rich vocabulary used by the Author too needs to be recognized and appreciated, also the book consists of a series of impactful phrases and mind blowing concepts regarding the development of a poem, making the book Reading Worthy! I genuinely feel that the book is a Must Read not just for poetry lovers but for the readers in general who are looking to find something new, unique and intriguing!

Ratings: 5/5

Author Name:  Vihang A Naik
Book Title: Making A Poem
Publisher: Authorspress (2018)                                                 ISBN-13: 978-9387281295                                                               Paperback: 50 pages                                                                   Buy Book: Amazon  Store                                                  Reviewed by Neel Preet at Theliteraturetoday

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