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“Love only without expecting to be loved, love only to share love. True love happens by time, but true love can’t be made to happen in a relationship!”

The book, “LUCIFER’S OWN HEART: Our Emotions Are Gift As Well As Curse… Forbidden To Use” is a kind of Self-Help Book with a very unusual title by the Author, who goes by the Pen Name of ACEFLIPPER91. In this book, the Author made an extraordinary effort to provide his own insights on the real meaning of love and its challenges. Also in this book, the readers will find some tips on the ways to have a successful relationship from the Author!

In the book, LUCIFER’S OWN HEART: Our Emotions Are Gift As Well As Curse… Forbidden To Use, the Author highlights some very hot topics like True Love, Relationship, Cheating and Seeking Attention. The Author, also recounts his own mistakes when it came to finding love and described how he learnt to rectify those issues. The book is short & simple and the author has done his best to keep the plot, much to the point.

The Author, who goes by the Pen Name of ACEFLIPPER91 is an optimistic person, who believes in the Truth & Transparency. The Author urges us to be the protagonist in our lives by accepting our mistakes and taking measures to rectify them. Also, the Author advocates the philosophy that the present is the most accurate time to take turn in the right direction and set foot to the right path towards the future.

The book aims to come up with the solution for those who are very much engaged in relationships and having serious issues in their love lives. The Author tells the readers to learn from the past mistakes and strive hard for better present and future. The plot comprises of a series of vignettes, which are based upon the working of the human mind and the weakness of the human will. As far as the plot is considered, the readers will find that it is very well woven with the story of a prescient man who had suffered a lot in his love life!

The Author had made a great attempt to answer some very debatable issues of the modern love and relationships like Dark Corners of Love, How Love can make One Wicked, How Emotions can be Gift as well as Curse, Does Distance Matter, Does Looks Matter or the Character Holds Importance, Role of Likes and Dislikes in a Relation, Is Marriage a Secure Bondage and Loneliness. Therefore, the readers get the answers to a lot of stuffs, which occurs as questions to those who are involved in relationships!

Undoubtedly, the plot of the book is praise worthy and the intention of the Author too needs to be acknowledged and if you are looking forward to read a Self Help, regarding the issues of love and relationships then this book, “LUCIFER’S OWN HEART: Our Emotions Are Gift As Well As Curse… Forbidden To Use” is surely a Must Read for you. Happy Reading!

Ratings: 3.5/5

Author Name:  Aceflipper91
Book Title: Lucifer’s Own Heart
Publisher: Notion Press; 1 edition (30 July 2019)                              ISBN-13:  978-1646502424                                                               Paperback: 94 pages                                                                   Buy BookAmazon  Store                                                  Reviewed by Neel Preet Theliteraturetoday

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