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This book is an investigation of our reality as an entity where the entity has all the power to shape the present and be the light to make our presence felt in the eternal future. It is purely an academic book which is essentially targeted to develop an efficient strategic management for our present competitive world. As the preface goes by, this book is the third instalment of a 12 book project which is about discovering the vastly integrated processes inside nature that shape our divine reality as an entity.

In case, a book is judged by its cover, then I must tell the cover design is enticing with its vibrant colour combo. It gives a feel of a well-crafted scientific journal. In his previous work, the author proposed that the present reality is neither a general notion nor a specific notion. And in this book, he provides three sets of solutions for managing the factors limiting our vision’s dimensionality. Over a span of 11 chapters, this book concludes over manifesting the present reality without incurring any management costs. As one goes through each chapter, one gets to know how limited or hindered are their existing prowess about reality. What we observe or experience in the present may or may not be the reality.

The most significant part of this book is its ability to chalk out the knowledge gap, identify the cause that limits our desire to dig further. The author has penned down all the possible blockages that hinder our vision and also provides solutions to be the reality that can shape our present better. This book talks about the mystical value of the past that leaves an impact on our present. Initially, it has been difficult for me to comprehend the analogies drawn within the pages. Let me warn beforehand; it is not a fiction to sit and enjoy with cup of hot tea. This book is a prolific work of several years of dedicated analysis, designed and provided to us to lead a better life through awakening our consciousness. 

This book starts with Multidimensional aspect of ground reality which is followed by studying the value of an entity in that dimension. As we go on with the chapters, we can discover how a human body acts as a multidimensional entity and what the ideal values are. It also narrates the efficient and exclusive role of a supernatural paradigm through analysing mineral gravity, plant gravity, animal gravity, human gravity and spiritual gravity. The most interesting chapter is the 7th one which talks about the grand challenge of managing the present reality. The knowledge dispersed in the primary solutions for managing the present reality is very enlightening. The primary paradigm octave is a challenging aspect to deal while reading this book. There is a constant effort to integrate various approved scientific ideologies with the vastness disposed by Mother Nature. The author enlightens us with several paradigms in providing solutions for managing the present reality. The risk management paradigm is a difficult aspect to go through. At the end, we will be edified with the fact that developing self consciousness is the origin of life. 

I would recommend this book for anyone who is struck and confused somewhere in the ladder of success. This book is a wholesome solution to people who fail to amass the widened knowledge that is available in our ancient scriptures. The book is going to be difficult; still it is unapologetic in diversifying from the known and established facts and that is the best part of it. 

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REVIEWED BY: Aashi Vats  at The Literature Today
PUBLISHER Vipin Gupta; 1st edition (19 February 2021)

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