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A bucket full of fresh discoveries about life, reality and divinity.

The fourth instalment in the project of discovering the vastly integrated processes inside nature that shape our organizational reality, this book offers a strategic awareness of the reality within and without us. Is Divine Energy is a tremendous effort to highlight the solutions to be the makers of a desirable present focussed entirely on the sentient well-being of each child. There are six chapters in the book that diligently bring cohesion between divinity, the nature of present reality, the objective behind it and many more. By the end of it, I believe the readers will be left to enjoy divinity through knowing the reality.

As one goes through the various chapters, one is made to retrospect the notions of divine and divinity and of course, the deity one believes in. It makes one ask if one behaves like a diety and be conscious of the well-being of the others who cannot take care of themselves. On the same note, this book brings in how the known reality is nothing more than a child’s mindset. Much like the predecessors, this book too challenges the intellectuals who often run away from the knowable reality just to preserve their false sense of divinity. A thoroughly researched work, exemplary language, Dr Gupta’s profound knowledge and expertise are well reflected in his work.

The introductory chapter unleashes a curiosity as it deciphers the divine is more than just energy. It deals with how an entity remains the source of energy for the divine element and how divine planning is essential for the divine energy. There are eight ideal conditions for proficient divine planning which is described well. The most interesting part of this book lies in the reference material; scientifically analyzed while taking reference from our ancient scriptures. The next chapter focuses on the nature of the present reality and investigates the subject of the present reality. It will help us understand the limitations of the E= mc2 theory of organizational planning. It elucidates the two faces of the universe of potential reality; the intrinsic value as well as the extrinsic value. It is intriguing to read the concept of messenger RNA for coding and past. As I said earlier, this whole project is an eye-opener for the whole scientific community who still dwindle to find the answers while discarding our ancient wisdom. 

So, is this book all about divinity and retrospection of reality? Absolutely not. Go through the resource-based theory and you will find a whole new dimension of strategic management for any organization. There prevails a deductive method and deep conceptuality in every detail. As the book delves into understanding the limit of objectivity and entropy in the work culture, it unleashes the two faces of dynamic reality. The wholesome effect and wholeness effect is well described. The ontological models of technological growth that too without the cost linkages as described, make it a role model for strategic management. The book further does an in-depth study of the objective of the present reality that forms the universe and channels technological growth. Chapter 5 turns interesting as it teaches the correction factors to realize nirvana. The last chapter paves the path of realizing the absolute truth and concludes the primordial greeter to be the absolute truth. Knowing the known reality transcends into an absolute joy, which our ancients named moksha. 

Is Divine Energy is a detailed and deliberate execution of various theories to develop the self-awareness of one’s divinity. As the author repeatedly states, this project is dedicated to the wholesome development of our future generation in making them unique yet diverse, inclusive and engaged and responsible well-being.

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