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“Pain, be it of any kind, shouldn’t ever be ignored; The sooner the pain is relieved, better the life becomes because precaution is always better than the cure!”

This remarkable book, “How to Relieve the Pains Hidden Inside You” by Author Prachi Singh is written with a beautiful aim of imparting happiness in the life of the people who are living their lives with some or the other kinds of pain. The Author talks about how the pain, if kept hidden or unaddressed can harm a human mind, which truly can be regarded as a praiseworthy effort from the author’s end. The manner in which the solution is provided by the Author to most of the issues, which a human suffers is incredible!

The Author had written this book with a positive mind-set to change the readers’ life in order to help them to grow, achieve success, attain inner-peace & satisfaction in life, fulfil their goals, discover their hidden potentials, learn the art of mastering the mind, learn the philosophy of self-love and make a successful transformation in their life in all their desired aspects.

About the Author: Prachi Singh is a Life-Coach, Psychotherapist, Personality Trainer and an Assistant Professor. She trains and professes various people to help them in recovering from their fettered feelings after undergoing the psychic therapy. She has been living on her own lessons and sharing her ideas with her pupils letting them and herself bring prosperity of happiness and peace in many lives. With this positive intention, Prachi wants everyone to read this book as her message to the world that “This Life is not that Burdensome and these Pains are just an Illusion.”

The target of this book is to Change the Readers’ Life, of course for good, that too in an extraordinary and remarkable manner! Since, this book throws light upon those set of tools, which can be indeed beneficial for the people seeking relieve for the various kinds of pain which they suffer in their life. Moreover, this book can provide solution to some of the classic problems of human beings, which we encounter in our day to day life.

In this book, “How to Relieve the Pains Hidden Inside You” there are 17 Chapters along with few additional topics related to the different kinds of pain, their solution and the various issues which occurs in our lives along with the reasonable answers to those issues. The book is constructed in such a marvellous manner that reading and understanding the Author’s Theories becomes really easy for the Readers, since the chapters in this book starts with a wonderful story in the which a situation is described from which the readers are expected to extract the learnings. Hence, the readers can find some very helpful and practical tips to follow and overcome their difficulties.

Another great thing about this book is that the Author, very bravely talks about topics and issues, which are often either neglected or not taken very seriously the people and yet those issues plays major role in shaping up the habits and building up the character of a human being. The Author very openly addresses the hidden pains occurring in a human’s life like the Pain of one’s Own Mind; Pain of Expectations; Pain of one’s Own Perception; Pain of Disloyalty; Pain of Reactive Conflicts; Pain of Relationship; Pain of one’s Ego; Pain of Beauty & Money; Pain of Attachment & Struggle; Pain of Obsessive Perfection; Pain of Blames in a Relationship; The Behavioural Pain; Pain of Poor Circumstances & Destiny; Pain for Women & from Women; Pain of Depression. Also the Importance & Process of Meditation along with the Answers of all the Worries Post Meditation is perfectly explained in the book.

According to the Author, if the reader follows the teachings of this book in the manner, which is aimed and expected then the Readers could solve some Real Hurdles of their lives which are pulling them down. The Author talks about those Life Changing Wonders which this Book can help an individual to achieve.

Also, the Author has much appropriately justified the Book Title, as the book not only talks about the different kinds of pains and sufferings occurring in a human’s life but also provides solution for all those pains and issues so the title, “How to Relieve the Pains Hidden Inside You” is indeed apt for this book.

Most definitely this book is a Must Pick one, as it’s all about finding happiness in life, which undoubtedly we all are seeking and this book has made it easier to find the ways of doing so and consists of all the right mix for the readers. In addition, the Author intends to give a very soulful message to the readers, which is that the life is not at all burdensome and the pains are just illusion. Happy Reading!

Ratings: 4.5/5

Author Name:  Prachi Singh
Book Title: How to Relieve the Pains Hidden Inside You
Publisher: Evincepub Publishing (11 September 2019)                     ISBN-978-9389482294                                                               Paperback: 109 pages                                                                   Buy BookAmazon  Store                                                  Reviewed by Neel Preet Theliteraturetoday

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