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Book Review | Azure Daydreams | The Literature Today

February 2, 2021 0 By Evincepub Publishing

It is said that Realism is a movement in art and literature that began in the 19th century as a shift against the exotic and poetic conventions of Romanticism. Literary realism allowed for a new form of writing in which authors represented reality by portraying everyday experiences of relatable and complex characters, as they are in real life Literary realism depicts works with relatable and familiar characters, settings, and plots centred around society’s middle and lower classes. It also stretches itself to genders and other biases.

Here, in this book poet, Gayathri Krishnan has taken the female being, rape, human feelings and emotions, love, sadness, responsibility, and many things from life as her muse in the poems and how the subtle feelings are explained, attracted the reader in me a lot. However, the 30 poems are not short or long but considerably long enough to express the said feelings. This book is completely on realistic poetry, and the feelings expressed are honest.

What to expect from the book?
This book has 30 poems; every line in the poem is a question to one’s conscience. The poems deal with the forgotten virtues, the unsaid feelings and pain experienced at many stages of life.

Who can read?
The poems in the book are of great depth and rich vocabulary. The book is written in General English language the book will appeal mostly to serious poetry lovers.

Few words about the author:
Gayathri Krishnan is an avid reader and adventurous fiction and novels. Born and brought up in the State of Kerala and is currently living in a small city named Adoor in Pathanamthitta, she is an engineer by the profession that she pursued to satisfy the parents wants as usually, it happens in every family. But somewhere deep down, her love for reading and writing made her a poet now.

How good is the author’s writing style?
Poetry is a great form of art that depicts deep emotions and true feelings in lesser words. In this book ‘ Azure Dreams ‘ through her poems, pert Gayathri Krishnan makes readers go deep into the poems and understand the hidden meanings between them. The book focuses on the basic realities of life and showcases the raw and naked pain too. Along with happiness and sustaining in life, the poems also talk about unconditional love and unrequited love.

How entertaining is the book?
In this book, Poet Gayathri Krishnan has touched most of the human emotions and feelings that always are evergreen and precious because they are natural and humane. And some of them are pinching because they are ever-evolving. In this book of 30 poems, each poem featured focused on the most prevalent emotions worth expressing, understanding, debatable and ever-lasting. Here, Poet Gayathri Krishnan has presented her views and analysis that concur with most readers’ feelings. Though some views mentioned in the book can be understood by the readers who observe strong poetry, a little effort will also make the novice readers feel the pleasure. This book is definitely entertaining in terms of the poems and feelings expressed and discussed.

Final Verdict
Attractive, alluring and stimulating poetry!

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REVIEWED BY: Swapna Peri  at The Literature Today
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