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As times will continue to change from pre covid to covid to post covid era, the situations and problems that human beings would be facing would also differ. The ones who can win would only be the ones who prepare themselves for the coming times in advance. In such times, books replete with wisdom can come handy for everyone, whether they are readers or non-readers. Gautam Mukhopadhyay’s work, “Rise To Eminence: Unleash Charisma of ‘Aha’ Within,” is one of the books that can be a pioneer of the coming times and as a guide for the later generations.

“Rise To Eminence” is a synthesis of Mukhopadhyay’s accumulated wisdom over time, experience, and observations of people and their behaviours. In a time when working on individual personality is extremely necessary to stand out of the queue of the many likes, “Rise To Eminence” can help in giving tips and tricks that would make a difference in the lives of the reader who implement the techniques the author talks about. In a time when a person with talent can survive, finding it and unleashing it should be the area where an individual concentrates. True to its title, “Rise To Eminence” makes a person do just the needful in a skillful and easy-to-get-along manner.

The author divides the book into 7 sections in a broad manner, but the subsections explore the details and intricacies of rising to eminence. The beginning is from the self, where the readers begin to explore themselves and to trace the flaws they have. This seems to be a proper diagnosis of who they are, their problem areas and the points on which they have to work. Thereafter, the author shares different concepts that also have the tempering of activities and tests to keep the readers engaged and attentive.

“Rise To Eminence” talks about the different ways to attain self-mastery, enlightening the creative spirit, techniques to become a better listener, and most vital of all, working on time-saving. He begins every section by telling about the modus operandi of things and goes on to talk about the methods that would cater to the needs accordingly. The issue of time is something every human being faces in their lifetime. The ones who can attain mastery in that sphere can never lose in any game that they have to play in life. Mukhopadhyay’s “Rise To Eminence” has many such techniques to save time and the author practically gives examples of how much time can be saved by even taking care of it in routine activities.

Mukhopadhyay keeps the language close to the understanding of all kinds of readers. The readers may or may not be in the stream of reading, but due to the nature and the content “Rise To Eminence” covers, it would be easily chosen by anyone for reading. The author keeps this fact in mind while not only choosing the words but also when sharing the techniques and activities that would later become the difference-makers in the lives of the people. Therefore, recommending this book to all readers would be fair. Other than that, the readers who want to improve themselves not just on a personal level but also on a professional level can take this book for reading. All those readers who want to make themselves a better version of their earlier self and those who want to be ready to compete the challenging times ahead can give “Rise To Eminence” a chance and read through and feel the difference when they start following the approaches and becoming proficient and more confident.

Many readers may have heard or even read the world-famous book, “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey, which primarily focuses on people and how they can be more influential personalities among their peers and society. Calling Mukhopadhyay’s “Rise To Eminence,” a work that can take a person’s development to the next level, would not be wrong. Taking a cue from Covey’s book, the author takes the implementation to the next level by usage a pragmatic approach by giving practical examples which may be a part of routine events of any person’s life. All those who have read “7 Habits” would easily find “Rise To Eminence” holding on to their interest effortlessly.

Title: Rise To Eminence
Author: Gautam Mukhopadhyay
Reviewed By: Akhila Saroha
Publisher: Evincepub Publishing
Buy Book: Order on amazon

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