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Whisper softly into my expectant ears

Under the starlit skies,

Hold my hands gently in yours

And look deeply into my restive eyes.

Though nowadays authors are more into novel and poetry writing these days, we all know that poetry has always been the favorite genre of readers. But we never realised that sharing our poetry would be our bridge to a deep and lasting friendship. “Footprints” by Nisha Tandon is a collection of English poetries. The book has been loved and praised by many well-known personalities of the literary world and the reviewers as well. There are a lot of readers talking about the book over social media. This influenced me to take this book as my weekend read.

About the Author: Nisha Tandon, currently residing in Dubai is an entrepreneur with an HR, Training Consulting firm. Having versatile experience in hotels, educational institutions, and corporate entities, Nisha has had multi-dimensional exposure to the different areas of work. Her exuberance and passion towards children led to a meaningful contribution to the teaching community and she worked for a significant tenure as an accomplished teacher in an elite school in Delhi.

When you gaze at me lovingly

And utter every word that you have vowed,

Let the moon wander around at ease

And shy away behind crimson clouds.

These lines take you to another world where you can feel yourself. I would like to that poet Nisha for delivering such masterpiece work to her readers. Believe me, reading the poems by Nisha gives a pleasant and very satisfying experience as she writes about life experiences, happiness, sadness, the ups and downs of life that everyone has been facing in any journey.

Observing overall content we can say that the collection of poems titled “Footprints” is a collection that contains the soulfulness, the calmness and the emotions of the poet and author Nisha Tandon. She has written in Hindi, in English and also in a mix of these two languages. The loving “Footprints” is a collection of author Nisha’s personal thoughts narrated beautifully in a poetic style. A complete satisfactory collection “Footprints” may strike a chord and resonate with your life. You will find in poetry descriptive with vivid imagery and a flavored undertone of subtle storytelling. am sure the readers will enjoy and appreciate that. She has got an amazing poetry writing technique.

My favorite poem from this collection is “Footprints in the Sand”. I loved the way Nisha has explained her love for the collection. We all know our footprints get washed away by the playful wave, as they splash and jump and ebb and flew with this magic. But if we decide we work hard, we go ahead in our life, then our footprint leaves the marks again in word. This has been a justifying word for this collection. 

Footprints are the impressions created by the person in their life. Yes, this gets erased over time but it leaves some memories as well. In the pages of “Footprints,” Nisha has attempted to present and preserve some of her most cherished memories. These are pure emotions straight from her heart! The lines will let you fall in love with the poet’s thoughts. 

So, readers, if you are looking for some new and fresh content with warm memories and looking back, there is the book for you by Nisha from Dubai! You will like reading her verse and you will never get disappointed by my suggestions. Nisha has got beautiful techniques as I told, we hope to get some good collection in the new future again. 

Again, I would like to thank the poet for understanding the demand of time and delivering such lovable poetries for her readers. I suggest the new readers going though my review, to definitely read “Footprints”. I have mentioned the book link in the description box. Your valuable comments on this review and about the book will be appreciated. 

Ratings: 4.5/5

Author Name:  Nisha Tandon
Book Title: Footprints
Publisher: White Falcon Publishing; 1 edition (28 April 2019)        Paperback: 111 pages                                                                   Buy Book: Amazon  Store                                                  Reviewed by  Aashi at Theliteraturetoday

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