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“How you can change your pre-set notions, stop riding on negative aspect of life and bring 360 degrees change to transform your life as per choice with set targets and date?”

‘Enlighten the Lamp of your Fortune’ by Dinesh Sahay can be regarded as a book that claims to find solutions to all the possible worldly problems existing in our lives. The book consists of several chapters and every chapter gives us an essence of what it is like to live a life that is peaceful, productive and happy. 

The book also puts forth the idea of a practical approach in the form of a lesson where one can read and start a programme in order to fulfill their wishes and dreams. The question here is, how can one achieve millionaire consciousness? How is it possible for someone to create both life and destiny, putting in the least of efforts, and thereby become rich and abundant?

We are all humans – an extremely confused species. Sometimes, we fail to understand what we really want In life. This book will not only guide us through helping us by identifying our needs and wants, but also give us a vivid Ray of positivity and solutions that if used, works like magic. 

When you read this book and perform one or two programmers on your own you will automatically observe a change in your thinking, speaking and actions on ground. That is the beauty of this book. It teaches you life as you know it. 

The book is simple and yet impactful in more ways than one, which the readers will find by going deep into the book. It reflects the sheer confidence, which the author has portrayed while depicting the story. The theme has been set to Understanding and inspiring people to overcome their hurdles and be the best version of ourselves.

Our lives may certainly be different with different kinds of struggles, and yet, each of us can handle our obstacles, which life have served us with and can overcome those hurdles just as well. 

This book only makes it easier for people to discover their true selves and enhance and expand the width of their minds – so much so, that people who read this book gradually start to feel changes in the way they think, see and feel. 

The author, Dinesh Sahay has worked in many companies as ex. GM, Techno link Engineering Co Pvt ltd, Techno Trade; Senior Manager Marketing & Sales Kumar Oxygen ltd, Kumaun Gases Ltd; DM, Modi Rubber Ltd and so on… During this period, he has educated many of his colleagues, clients, distributors, dealers and employees of the company about his programme and guided them towards positive creation in life – with great success which includes businesses, finances and the likes. 

When you go to a temple or a church or a mosque, you pray to God “If my wish is achieved, I will distribute sweets to the poor or give charity.” If God fulfils it exactly as you demanded, you do what you say to please God and demonstrate your happiness by such action. 

And thus, similarly, when you do this programme and get what you want, you should demonstrate by such actions of doing charity or distributing something to the poor, to make your dreams a good and lasting success.

Dinesh Sahay, in his book, ‘Enlighten the Lamp of Your Fortune’, claims that every bad event or unlucky situation is due to our own creation. If you reverse your negative thoughts and actions, you will find tremendous changes in the situation. In fact, you are the creator of your destiny and God creates events for you as per natural universal laws.

This book is not only praise worthy, but also makes it a point to take the readers through a potential journey that, if followed, could make our lives so much better and also build and shape us as a better person. 

So, if you are an avid reader and are looking for peace and knowledge, this book should definitely serve your cause. Without a second thought, put this in your Bucket List. The narration is effective, plain and yet, very interesting. Readers can visualize the situations. The points are well explained just as well. The book, ‘Enlighten the Lamp of Your Fortune’ is one that will give you some of the best advices and suggestions of life. So, make it a point to grab your copy and prepare yourself to drown in an ocean of knowledge, peace and power.

Ratings: 3.5/5

Author Name:  Dinesh Sahay
Book Title: Enlighten the Lamp of your Fortune
Publisher: Notion Press; 1 edition (2018)                                         ISBN-13: 978-1643249834                                                               Paperback: 84 pages                                                                   Buy Book: Amazon  Store                                                  Reviewed by Theliteraturetoday

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