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About the author
The book “Ribhu’s Adventures on earth” has been authored by Dr. Dipavali Sen, a retired associate professor at Shri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce at New Delhi.

She has a keen interest in writing about mythological as well as contemporary themes.

The author’s published works include novels and short stories for children and translations and articles for adults. Apart from it, Dr. Dipavali is an (AWIC) member and has also conducted national conferences held in foreign countries.

About the book
The book is about a loving character Ribhu who gets cursed by the angry saint Durvasa to spend a tough time on earth.

You assimilate what you glimpse; your endeavor defines your perspective. Sacraments play a vital role in living life. Everyone around us is living, but it matters the way you conduct, everyone around is breathing, but something which matters is the legacy and the style of living your life, what else, what extra you are doing on earth, as it says everybody is here to play their bit part, everyone has a fate which takes them to their deeds and so on. The author DIpavali has portrayed the character of RIBHU in such a way that makes you believe in all the above. Everybody has a different way of describing their vehemence and feelings, but kids are considered to be the form of supreme being; they are frozen from all the conditions and retains a sacred sense in their heart.

Ribhu’s adventure on earth is a fictional storybook for children, including stories from our previous eras, which we all might have heard from our grandparents and veterans. In this era of downfall, due to people’s hectic schedules, they forget spending some hours with themselves and rationalizing their past and tales of their Gods who were incarnated on earth for humans’ welfare. The book includes sacred adventures of  TRETAYUG’S LORD RAMA, who killed the demon Tadka with the help of his pedagogue Saint Vishwamitra &  DWAPARYUGA’S LORD SHREE KRISHNA from the two holy epics Ramayana & Mahabharta of Hindu religion. Parents often tell mythological chronicles to their kids since childhood, and this book has been written in the same format. It includes the reports of the demise of demons, Saint Durvasa, and Ashtwakra, who was cursed by his father, and his body was folded into eight directions, and Ahilya, a virtuous wife. The segment opens with Ribhu, who is seen as playing his drum that hung from his neck and was going for his music classes; his mother is an Apsara, a beautiful lady who dances in heaven, and father a Gandharva who is riched in some special powers like flying, floating and changing forms. The theme of Ribhu’s Adventures on Earth whirls around the tales of the past era, In this world, when people are facing a hectic life, the author has done a great job of portraying stories from the past events, which will inspire millions of readers in learning useful things; it can inspire about learning that whatever evil deeds you perform, you will get paid accordingly. The stories have been taken from the great epics Ramayana and Mahabharta, which is considered the axis of human lives.  Undoubtedly, it’s a lovely book for children. The stories are formed in a hilarious comic form, including several pictures that keep the readers’ interest awaken till the end of the book. English is a highly speaking international language, especially in India; Ribhu’s Adventure on earth is a book riched in vocabulary; it will help every child build their vocabs from the elementary level.

Reading books keeps your mind & soul relaxed; this book is for the children and the adult; it will help them remind the same stories they used to hear in their childhood days.

Instead of beating about the bush. If talking about the book’s language, more effective words are used to glue the readers’ minds until the end of the story.

Summing up, I would recommend this book to every adult and kid who has an intense zeal for looking forward to living their good old days. Dr. Dipavali had put her all experiences and her tremendous efforts into making this book the finest one. As this isn’t the author’s author’s debut work of work, the clarification of her thoughts and story writing was ired of evidence to it; being a pro in her teaching field, she has explained every aspect well and in a perfect form.

I wish that the readers would demand more literary works by the authors.

I would rate this book globally under 4.6/5.

Title: Ribhus Adventures On Earth
Author: Dipavali Sen
Reviewed By: Aditi Arya
Publisher: Evincepub Publishing
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