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“God helps the ones, who help themselves; Never depend upon anyone else for your happiness!”

Pratibha Tiwari’s ‘Be your Own Coach’ is a book based on self-improvement and self-enhancement. The book discusses an extremely important element in our lives – ’emotions’ and then goes about explaining how one could be a master of their own emotions by learning how to balance it carefully.

Not everyone is into reading non-fiction books. Being an avid reader and writer myself, not every non-fiction excited my reader critique. However, this book is one that immediately caught hold of my unwavering attention and maintained it with the exact intensity throughout. The book shares in detail the twists and turns of one’s emotions, picking on the randiest of words, elaborating them piece by piece – weaving the words into a perfectly knit, interesting non-fiction. 

Human emotions are an endless cycle – there are too many and one leads to another. This book deals with human emotions – happiness, sadness, disgust, anxiety, guilt, fear, contempt, anger, shock and joy. One of the major reasons why this book contented my explorer self is the fact that this book picked each emotion up and described it in the most interesting and elaborative way possible. The author goes on to talk about how we, as humans, easily tend to lose their state of mind, giving in to the over-influence of these emotions. 

The author has seemingly deeply espied every emotion, and hence, penned down every inch of it in the simplest way ever. The book also contains constructive advise about what a person should do when he or she is unexpectedly struck by a flood of emotions – be it out of happiness or sadness or any other factors that tend to drive us. Tiwari talks about loving oneself and be a coach of their own mind, learning how to acquire strong control over it – the book contains this one simple message which has been presented in a very strong way. 

Some chapters of the book discuss situations that almost all of us may have faced in our lives, at least for once. Each one of us has, once in our lives, come to the verge of getting flooded with an enormous pool of emotions, that is exactly where the author says that emotions require balancing, in order to improve, grow and enhance. 

The fact that the author very tactfully and beautifully talks about one of the most uncared for the element of our lives – ’emotions’. Her choice of words is yet another wow factor in this book, considering how she wove these words into stories, not only creating an impact in the head but also hitting our hearts in the right places. This, the choice and use of appropriate words for appropriate situations make it a perfect one. Her prioritization and imagination of emotions through examples are quite different and that is what makes this book a quite different one.

So, if you are anyone who feels the need to explore yourself, know who you are and work on yourself, stop right there and grab your copy before anything else. You shall not regret it. Happy reading, folks!

Ratings: 4.5/5

Author Name:  Pratibha Tiwari
Book Title: Balance Your Emotions and Be Your Own
Publisher: Notion Press; 1 edition (6 August 2019)                            ISBN-13: 978-1646505562                                                             Paperback: 84 pages                                                                   Buy Book: Amazon  Store                                                  Reviewed by Theliteraturetoday

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