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Name: Devanshu Tripathi
Birth Place: Rae Bareli, Uttar Pradesh 
Interests: Fictional and spiritual book, cricket, politics and Economy
Hobbies: writing on my personal fb blog, reading books specially Chetan Bhagat, listening old romantic songs and playing beat instruments.

The Literature Today- Biographical Info?

Devanshu Tripathi- I am a Mechanical Engineering graduate from Dr. K.N. Modi college  And MBA from IIBM institute Meerut. I have 11 years of work experience as a maintenance manager in JSW STEEL.
Now trying to peruse career as an author and a Career Development Mentor.

The Literature Today- Achievement So far?

Devanshu Tripathi- I have received par excellence award in TQM for JISHU HOZEN at NCQC held in MYSORE  in the year 2017.

Author of 2 Self Published Books –

1. Dream of A Common Boy
2. The Amazing Facts of Indian Mythology

The Literature Today- Favorite Topics of Writing?

Devanshu Tripathi- Motivation and fiction are my favourite genres.

The Literature Today- What describes you the best?

Devanshu Tripathi-

              Graphical Author
              Mystery Writer 
              Motivational Author 
              Romance Author
              Content Writer
              Academic Author

The Literature Today- Tell us about your writing career:

Devanshu Tripathi- My writing career has been so far good as I have been able to publish 2 books back to back and that too in such a short span of time (1 month) .

I want to peruse the writing career as a full time author as writing is my passion
My writings are always dedicated to the middle class society and I feel the common people of my society as my companion.
So far I have got success in my Aim and looking forward to achieve more and more.

The Literature Today- Tell us something about your book.

Devanshu Tripathi-  1.Dream Of  A Common Boy

The book is about the story of a teenager boy who takes birth in a middleclass family …as he grows up as a teenager there are various ups and down in his life at the various stages and he is not focused on his goal…moreover teenage love, crushes are also there for his distraction .Life goes on and he is a well established engineer now …intact this is my autobiography which is represented in a short and precise manner.

The motive is to reach out the young readers more and more and tell them about focussing on there ultimate goal and believe in their dreams .

2. The Amazing Facts of Indian Mythology

This book is dedicated to the Health workers, Doctors and All the Warriors who are working endlessly day and night for our well being in this difficult time of Pandemic .

The book is divided into eight short chapters which are based on the Epic Ramayana
The motive is to feel motivated in these hard times through these small and precise illustrious tales.

The Literature Today-What encourages you to become an Author?

Devanshu Tripathi- My passion for words and my passion for motivating the youth encourages me to write more and more …

The Literature Today- What is your current goal in writing career?

Devanshu Tripathi-   MY MOTIVE is  to reach THE COMMON PEOPLE ( youth in particular )Of our society through my writings and I aspire to become one of the most best sellers of our country and that too for motivation of my companions and readers .

The Literature Today- The titles seems different and catchy, how you decided it?

Devanshu Tripathi-   Dream Of A Common Boy  I decided to write two years ago and it will always be near to my heart as it’s my own story…it is my own journey of 34 years of life which is written as a short story.

The Literature Today- Are you writing other books as well, let us know about the same.

Devanshu Tripathi-  Right now I am working on A novel … (title cannot be told at the moment) now but the script is 80% complete.
I would again urge my readers to stay tuned.


Book: The Amazing Facts of Indian Mythology – Feel Motivated|
Author: Devanshu Tripathi
Publisher: Evincepub Publishing (2020)
Buy Book: Order on Amazon

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