Author Story Article of Dr. Divya Singh being featured at The Literature Today Magazine Vol 2, Issue 4

Dr. Ms. Divya Singh, Ph.D. (ELT), M.Phil. (ELT), (M.A. English Literature) was born in the ancient and aristocratic city of Nawabs, Awadh aka Lucknow in India.

She has worked for more than ten years with Engineering and Management institutions of repute across Delhi, NCR, in India. She is currently a full-time doting mother to her daughter and believes in disseminating her skills and knowledge to the younger generation through various freelance online assignments that keep coming her way post the Pandemic restrictions.

She is an accomplished orator and has presented research papers at several National and International Conferences. She also has several research papers to her credit, published in internationally-indexed journals.

She has also been a Soft-Skills and Personality Development trainer with the Corporate Resource Centre of some of the most elite Engineering and Management Institutions and has been directly associated with the training and development cells of the institutions.

She believes in the Philosophy, that, ‘We as individuals have to face challenges almost every day in terms of either our personal equations with our loved ones going astray or some other sort of dilemma eternally going on in our minds.’

The genres, she writes on, reflect the hope and a ray of light to the individuals burning with a desire to come out unscathed, unwithered, and unwavering in trials put forth by life.

She also is an avid blogger and an author of several Inspirational articles in Scholarly magazines. She is an aspiring author, poet, and writer.

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