Apple Comes Up With ‘2 Official Stores’ In India For The Very First Time

For the very first time, the most reputed mobile & gadgets manufacturing company in the world, Apple has come up with two of their official stores in India. Well, it is not just a headline, as this very update means a lot to the Indian Market. Undoubtedly, the Indian Market has grown to a great extent and the major global businesses have started to shift towards India. It is a fact that at present none of the Indian cities is equivalent to global business centers like Hong Kong or Dubai. However, with the way things are progressing, there is a huge possibility that a couple of Indian cities too can be turned into global business centers very soon!

Moreover, with the approach that the Indian Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi Ji is following, the possibility of Indian cities becoming global business hubs has increased to multifold. PM Modi’s slogan of ‘India Means Business’ has a lot to tell the world about this New India. Be it the success of ‘Make In India’ or the rise of Exports, Indian Businesses are reaching new heights every year. Most of us are already aware of the news that in the previous year 2022, Apple started their manufacturing set-up in India too, and with the ‘Make In India’ program running, numerous more companies have either set up their manufacturing in India or are about to set up soon.

With the opening of the ‘2 Official Stores’ in Mumbai’s BKC as well as in New Delhi’s Saket, Apple had not only shown global companies that India is a profitable market but has also paved the way for several more global companies to set their feet in India. Well, the first official store of Apple in India was opened on the 18th of April 2023, which is located in Mumbai’s Jio World Drive at the Bandra Kurla Complex in the Bandra East region of the city. While, the second official store of Apple in India was opened on the 20th of April 2023, which is located in South Delhi’s Saket region!

These two new retail locations of Apple are marking the significant expansion of the company in India. Well, the company aims to offer their customers, new ways to browse, discover & buy Apple products with exceptional service and experiences. At present, there may be only two official stores of Apple in India, and that too in major cities like the National Capital and the Financial Capital. However, there is no doubt that in the coming days, Apple will be looking to expand in other cities in India too.

In celebration of the first Apple Store opening in India, the company made a very appealing announcement of the Special Apple Series – ‘Mumbai Rising’ running from the opening day through the summer. This indeed is a great way for Apple BKC to bring visitors, local artists, and creatives together and celebrate the local community and culture in Mumbai. Soon, we shall also find out about the sales performance of these newly opened Apple Stores and how many new official stores is the company planning to set up in India!

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