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Author’s Background: Prachi Singh is a Life-Coach, Psychotherapist, Personality Trainer and an Assistant Professor. She trains and professes various people to help them in recovering from their fettered feelings after undergoing the psychic therapy. She has been living on her own lessons and sharing her ideas with her pupils letting them and herself bring prosperity of happiness and peace in many lives. With this positive intention, Prachi wants everyone to read this book as her message to the world that “This Life is not that Burdensome and these Pains are just an Illusion.”


Neel Preet: First of all, Big Congratulations on your newly published book, “How to Relieve the Pains Hidden Inside You” Prachi! What responses are you getting from this book of yours? Please share your experience about this book.

Prachi Singh: Thanks for your appreciation. Everyone who has read the book so far is able to relate the incidents mentioned with their real life and few of them have been reading the book all over again to re-live the moments and grasp the lessons more firmly inside them. Overall, the responses are great.

While writing this book, I was in a flow of my keyboard and the deepest brains, nothing stopped me to think and nothing stopped me to re-phrase the ideas mentioned as if they live inside me.


Neel Preet: I’ve read your book and I genuinely feel that this book is written with aim of imparting happiness to the people reading it. So, my next question to you is that what inspired you to write this book? What was the impetus behind this work of yours?

Prachi Singh: The only thing that inspires me to write this book is the growing level of un-satisfaction amongst the hearts and brains of all the people around us, may it be small or large. The gratification and the ultimate bliss remains missing leaving people not living their life, the life of a human which is achieved to be relished and not to be just full of complaints.


Neel Preet: You have written about the ways to deal with the pains and problems occurring in the life of a regular person; so, why did you choose this subject matter to write upon?

Prachi Singh: If a person is happy, he is the most successful as success is an outcome of a relaxed yet smart brain and not an unhappy and frustrated brain.


Neel Preet: In the present era, we have seen a lot of people facing the same issue of not being able to find the solution of their hidden pains. So, while writing this book what was your mind-set? Is it based on any particular experience of yours?

Prachi Singh: Instead of Mind-Set, I would call it a heart-set.

My heart cries when I see people in pain and if there are ways to suggest them, it is no better than writing a book on that.


Neel Preet: Studying the subject matter of this book, I’m greatly impressed and I want you to explain us, your version of how this book is relevant in the present day scenario.

Prachi Singh: Present Day Scenario is all about competitiveness, rush for money and haste for achievements. It indeed takes us away from realising the right thoughts required for right perception.


Neel Preet: Prachi you were very straightforward with your writings in your book, which I really appreciate.So next, I want you to tell us about some of those writers, who had inspired you and whom you follow!

Prachi Singh: I have followed Paulo Coelho, Robin Sharma, Shiv Khera but in the due course of time I have followed myself and my instincts for generating ways to clear obstacles of the most living-worthy life.


Neel Preet: Is there any message which you would like to convey to your readers? Or any piece of advice, which you would like to give to the readers out there!

Prachi Singh: The only advice, read this book because I really wish something changes in your life.


Neel Preet: Are there any other books being worked by you? Please let us know about your future projects.

Prachi Singh: I am planning on it.


Neel Preet: Thank you so much for answering all my questions. All the very best to you for future and your book too!

Prachi Singh: You are always welcome for your best wishes. I wish the same for you and desperately wish to get connected on personal level. Along with that, I really wish to learn from you how to promote the book in a productive manner.

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