Alisha Begum | His Possessive Love | Author Feature

Alisha Begum | His Possessive Love | Author Feature

April 25, 2021 0 By The Literature Today

Co founder of Universal Consultancy Services, Alisha writes romantic fun fiction. Born and raised in the City Of Joy, Kolkata (India), Alisha enjoys the great cultural life. Despite being a HR Manager, Alisha soon found she preferred writing fiction stories with happy endings. She has worked as a judge for various book communities. Alisha’s debut unputdownable novel – His Possessive Love, has already created a buzz and is still by on the chart of various book-loving app and running successfully worldwide.

Neha Sharma: Congratulations on bringing-out a fabulous novel in the form of ‘His Possessive Love!’ How long has it been ever since you started writing? What inspired you to write the first time?
Alisha: Thank you so very much. I feel extremely blessed when my readers appreciate my work. After all, we author crave for this.
To be honest, I’ve been a reader my entire life but I only started writing in the first year of my college. With me, it all started accidentally. I participated in a writing contest. It got selected and later published on a vernacular newspaper. That was the beginning actually.

Neha Sharma: How did the idea of writing this particular story strike your mind? Are the incidents and characters, partially or fully based on someone’s true story?
Alisha: I always wanted to write about it. It was all there in both my heart and mind. His Possessive love is a teenage love story and yes, the characters are very true and it’s partially based on someone’s true love.

Neha Sharma: You have brilliantly portrayed the incidents through the PoV of more than one characters at places. It’s quite considerate on the readers’ part. What had triggered the thought of doing it this way?
Alisha: I feel portraying incidents through POV gives an author more scope to express one’s feelings and emotions. It becomes quite easy to play with words, then.

Neha Sharma: What would you like to say about the importance of empathy? That is, looking at something from someone else’s PoV as they say. Are you habitually empathetic towards people in general?
Alisha: Well! Psychology is my all time favorite. Even today, in my leisure hours, I enjoy reading books by Dr. Freud. I feel it’s very important to understand and value others opinion too, to maintain a healthy relationship. And to be honest, one cannot fall in love or attain his/ her  love without being empathic.

Neha Sharma: How do you deal with writer’s block, if and when you face it?
Alisha: Seriously, I often faced the writers block and it’s very frustrating. And for me, the only solution is music. I just love it. It helps me to calm and relax my mind before I start working back again.

Neha Sharma: What would you like to say about the importance of a good cover and title?
Alisha: The proverb goes like, we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but in reality, a book cover and a title creates the first impression to it’s potential readers. It works as a salesman to it’s buyers.

Neha Sharma: What is your writing schedule like, generally?
Alisha: I mostly write either late at night or very early in the morning. I feel that’s the best time to write as because during these quiet hours, the world settles down and it’s so very less distracting too.

Neha Sharma: Which is your favorite genre when it comes to reading and writing? Is it same for both the activities or different?
Alisha: I’m judging around 45 books of various authors from all over the world and the genre, I’m dealing with are Young Adults, Romance and Humour.  So, to be honest, my reading is mostly related to my judging. But yes, I do enjoy suspense thrillers too.

And whereas my writing goes, my both novel “His Possessive Love” and “Love 24hrs” are under the genre of Romance and Young Adults. But soon, I’m coming up with a novel on spirituality too.

Neha Sharma: What was the biggest challenge you faced in writing this obsession-oriented, intense love story?
Alisha: Well, I guess the biggest challenge was portraying both the protagonist interactions and the platonic relationship they showed with other minor characters.

Neha Sharma: Would you like to say something to your readers?
Alisha: Well, I just want to say that love is pure emotion. So, instead of just enjoying, feel it, too. Possessiveness is fine but make sure, that you don’t make it toxic. Make it more like a territorial love rather than an obsessive love. Finally, make sure that you all grab a copy of “His Possessive Love” soon. Stay safe and stay healthy.

Neha Sharma: Thank you for your precious time and effort to make this interview happen. Wish you all the best for all your present and future endeavours.
Alisha: Thank you so very much for taking the time to interview me and I really enjoyed this conversation thoroughly.

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