“Al-Bakistan,” a book by Tahir Gora, was published in Delhi.

The novel composed by Tahir Gora “Al-Bakistan” in Urdu and Hindi has been sent off at the Press Club of India, Delhi on Friday. The book is distributed by Kautilya Books, New Delhi. During the book send off, numerous conspicuous Essayists and Columnists were available on the event.

Talking on the event Tahir Gora, creator of “Al-Bakistan” said, “This Novel portrays the identity crisis of Pakistan and Pakistanis in the context of its ongoing political, economic and social turmoil since its inception. It also reveals the sex parties of Pakistan army officers and top politicians along with their Islamic Jihadi mindset. This Novel narrates the stories of the Air India Flight hijacking by ISI in 1999, the Pak coup and the Pak army’s involvement in Pak politics and international terrorism.”

“We are sure this short Novel will be a big hit in India and around the globe considering its crispy and revealing content,” said Nazim Naqvi, the manager of the Book.

Dr Shailendra Kumar, Raju Arora, Kumar Rakesh and Haleema Sadia were the speakers on this event.
The title Al-Bakistan comes from a view of most Pakistanis that their progenitors come from Middle Easterners, not from Indian beginning. Tahir Gora’s couple of additional books in Urdu, Hindi and English renditions are in press. His past Book “Tehzeebi Ranjashein” got a decent gathering from individual scholars. (ANI)

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