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‘Love’ is a word that we all must have felt in our life for someone. Those feelings which come to our mind only for one person. When do we fall in love…, when does our heart fall on whom…, we even don’t know that when we gave our heart to someone… Sometimes at first glance, we fall in love with someone, and sometimes people waste their entire life for finding and understanding their love.

For some, love comes in the form of blessings or gifts and for some, it comes like a storm or curse. If you are also interested in reading a romantic love story, then this book is going to win your heart.

‘Age Was Just A Number’ is a romantic novel by Shaheen Kazi. Shaheen is also a poet, her journey starts from her debut poetry book ‘Diary You & Me’. While reading her debut book, you get lost in the world of love. Shaheen’s write-ups are mostly a collection of various emotions about love, first love, incomplete love & pain in love.

Shaheen is passionate about reading books, traveling, excellent in her culinary skills, etc. In her free time, she loves to do knitting & watching movies. She is fond of animals and nature.

By reading this book, I went into the flashback of my life as Shaheen wrote here about first love. Yes, we all have a past. The past… whom we want to forget but we can’t forget it. while reading this story, I felt that this story relates to me. sometimes in our life, we fall in love with a wrong guy which is not suitable for us but for them, we ruin our entire life and start loving them passionately. here author quoted a line, which touched my heart

“If you can love the wrong person so deeply…
So how much love you will have for the right person!!”

‘Age Was Just a Number’ is a story of a teenage girl. The story revolves around a girl named Sameera, James, and Rehan. Teenage is an age when every child faces many changes in their life. Hormonal and emotional changes occurs in these phases. We fall in love… feel love, hatred, jealousy, etc. Sometimes a teenager always lives with an attitude to prove something. Some teenagers share their love-life stories. Some talk about their crush. Some have issues over possessiveness or jealousy. Some are dealing with sex issues and so on. This book is all about the phases of age, where you feel your heartbeat and heartbreak for the first time.

At the age of fifteen, Sameera falls in love with a guy who is 17 years elder than her. She started loving him silently and as we all know, silent love does not have words, it has its own language which can only be heard by the person we love…!

The caste and religion between both of them were different.  Sameera shares her all feelings with her friend Harpreet. She warned her that James is not a perfect guy for her. Sameera’s parents also noticed her that she feels something for James. Her mother scolded and warned her too and said to stay away from James. But whose emphasis is on love…?

Time changes and over the time, people and their emotions also change. After some time James leaves Sameera, She feels very sad to hear this news that he left her but she does not say anything to anyone.

Time passes, but the memories in our hearts never disappear. Sameera feels so lonely. In her loneliness, in the silence of the night, she always thinks about him. Not a single day has passed without thinking about James. All the memories with James are still fresh with her, his memories are the only fragrance in her life. She only wants to ask him one simple question why did he betray her love and her trust like this?

After fifteen years Sameera met a guy named Rehan. They became good friends and started feeling something special for each other. After sometime, Rehan wrote a surprise handwritten letter for Sameera and in reply, Sameera sent him a MAIL. The subject of her Mail was CONFESSION!! Here she wrote and tell Rehan about her past.  She confesses that she loved James. It was love at first sight or one-sided love or maybe… the person with whom she fell in love was 32. He left her for further reason. Her heart was completely broken. Why he broke her trust? Why he left her? what’s the reason behind leaving her? If he had never loved her then why he ruined her life. She misses his lovely talks, his touch, and his kisses…

Sameera falls in love in Rehan but after reding this what Rehan should do? Should he forget and accept everything about Sameera’s past? And why James left Sameera?

Is everyone’s first love complicated? Does every first love give you pain?

For knowing the story, you need to turn the pages of the book.

This book is too good and it’s full of aversion, love, intimacy, boldness, family care, etc. some lovely quotations are also quoted here. You will surely enjoy this book.

I recommend this book to every teenager and romance lover. For teenagers because after reading this they’ll get to know about the difference between love, like and attraction.

In this book, I love some quotes which I have mentioned here,

“First love is like a flower of rose full of petals and thorns….

If you are lucky,  you will get the softness of petals

If you are not, you have to face the pain of thorns….”

“First love was the love that happened when you didn’t know what love was….”

Age is just a number, it doesn’t make any difference. Love is everything that is needed in every age, in every relationship. Love is something that is not perfect. It just needs to be true..!

Book:- Age was just a number
Author:- Shaheen Kazi
Pages:- 330
Publisher:- Evincepub Publishing

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