A poem by Naheed Akhtar

Delicacies of the Heart The luxury unbeaten, rendered within, Leads the fantasy toward shapes of heart, a voyage then happens in golden flowery! the valley, amidst the landscape screen, green! broaden over and around mountains to merges, milky waters fall alongBlue the sky, sends shades through each cloud proves amuse, for laughter echoes as melodious song far, far, it goes beyond additional yes timeless, ceaseless memories, it hoards plentyRejoices, visitant showers in Jan-mornings hence, Dec-evenings win, unvaried, parallel felicity of sudden, each mellow while fades to depart from; soothed, placid captivity in darkness, swim back are the coloured shares how sad! there is no such liberty, For tears, when they fill to the brimLonging on edges, to flow over like unseasoned, but embraced clouds burst in Beseech the eyes to drink them earth-like this, deep fantasy befalls unwilling returnees, no means could whirl it again very dismal roots, in earnest mirth’s turn! alone it lives, wandering in disdain.

Naheed Akthar, an Indian poet, holds a master’s degree in English literature. She is a lecturer, poet, and writer. She seems in love with Classical and Romantic poetry, however, a sense of originality is vividly seen in her way of writing. Her poems have been published in various anthologies. And have also been published in her own book of poetry, ” Phantasms of My Heart”

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