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We all are suffering from depression, anger, fear, and facing some difficulties in our life, bad and good time is a part of our life. It will come once in our life, sometimes it comes many times but we have to phase it.

10 KEYS TO ATTAIN HAPPINESS, written by Rajat Khatri. This book is based on research conducted in the field of philosophy. Many great researchers (like Jon & Missy Butcher, Sonja Lyubomirsky, and many more) conducted experiments and research are suggested. Here he tells different states of happiness by adopting those steps we can feel the pleasures of our life.

In this book, the author talks about 10 principles. By adopting those principles our life will fill up with happiness. There are some short stories, quotations, and creative exercises that create more interest while reading.

Here Mr. Khatri shares his personal experience also. He talks about the four dark phases of his life. How he suffered all those days and defeated it with his positives. He says that when we are facing bad days in our life, we have to keep the belief that things will be fine very soon. If one should believe that ups and downs are part of life than they should prepare and always be positive in facing it. He also discusses some tips here to make ourselves positive by accepting the worst and good whatever is happening in our life, belief, always keep patience, and make yourself wait.

No one knows what is going on or what will be going to happen in our life. Sometimes, we think that the worst time is bad for us because it makes us depress but sometimes that worst time is also good for us. Whatever happens in our life, there is a reason behind it. Mr. Khatri, explain this concept thought a short story in his book and quoted, “good thing, a bad thing? Who knows?”

He also discusses here how some person makes common excuses and says that we have not timed for doing exercise. Mr. Khatri says that exercise keeps us fit. It’s is necessary to take a break while doing work. Continuous working makes us depress and stressed. He discusses here micro and macro break. By using those breaks we can feel stress-free and happy. He also tells the benefits of laughing and smile here.

How can we find happiness from materialist things, nature, success, and blissfulness are explain here. He also talks about 3major factors of happiness which is 50:40:10 formula.

While fulfilling the responsibilities of our family we start loving them and try to full fill their demands and forget about ourselves. For any reason, if we didn’t fulfill their demand then we start cursing ourselves. This book tells us how can we love ourselves and be happy. How can we remove negative thoughts from our minds? How can we visualize something creative?

This book is suggested to all peoples. Fear of insecurity and instability makes us unhappy, this book teaches us the basics of happiness and tells us how to be happy and how to manage our time. All concepts to make us happy are provided here.

This is my personal opinion that after reading this book you may feel happiness and fall in love with you. It boosts your confidence and makes you smile.

Book Title: 10 Keys To Attain Happiness
Author: Rajat Khatri
Publisher: Evincepub Publishing

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